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By PF Wagner  23 February 2007


Part 1



When it comes to the impact of illegal immigration, terrorism must be at the top of the list due to its potential to directly harm the greatest number of Americans.  It is worth noting that three of the four terrorist pilots in the 9/11 attack were in the country illegally.  9/11 was a precursor.  The next big incident could be far greater and kill many more Americans.

A recent Homeland Security report, A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border (a MUST READ!), reports that in 2005 at least 850 people from countries of “special interest” were apprehended crossing the southern border.  How many more successfully crossed is unknown.  How many actual terrorists have crossed is unknown.  We do know, however, that they are there - see Al-Qaida Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border. 

By the way, “countries of special interest” is government-speak for terrorism conducting and sponsoring countries.

As noted in a June 2006 article, Broken, by Kenneth R. Timmerman, on a Homeland Security publication, “The report reveals that 45,008 aliens from countries on the U.S. list of state-sponsors of terror or from countries that protected terrorist organizations and their members, were released into the general public between 2001 and 2005, even though immigration officers couldn’t confirm their identity.”  (emphasis added)  Maybe Bin Laden is not in Pakistan….

As reported in a February 2005 USA Today article by Mimi Hall, Despite new technology, Border Patrol overwhelmed, the numbers are going up and DHS is concerned as they admit they only catch an estimated 1/3 of the border crossers.  The article goes on:

“…the Border Patrol arrested 39,215 so-called "OTMs," other-than-Mexicans, along the Southwest border.  In 2004, the number jumped to 65,814.

Those figures worry intelligence and Homeland Security officials, who say al-Qaeda leaders want to smuggle operatives and weapons of mass destruction across the nation's porous land borders.  James Loy, deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told Congress last week, "Several al-Qaeda leaders believe operatives can pay their way into the country through Mexico and also believe illegal entry is more advantageous than legal entry for operational security reasons."

T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, says the Border Patrol has "reliable intelligence that there are terrorists living in South America, assimilating the culture and learning the language" in order to blend in with Mexicans crossing the border.

"We really don't know who comes into this country illegally over the Southwest border," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., says.  "This is a big problem."

The independent 9/11 Commission's report warned in August that "the challenge for national security in an age of terrorism is to prevent the very few people who may pose overwhelming risks from entering or remaining in the United States undetected."  And that's a daunting task along these stretches of border in the Southwest.”

    and concludes with:

"The holes that remain in our border security systems are not small," House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, says.  "They are gaping, and they are glaring to our terrorist enemies.  They are coming for us." (emphasis added)

A March 2005 Christian Science Monitor report, US-Mexican border as a terror risk, notes:

“It's not clear how many terrorists or people having connections to terror groups, may have entered the US as OTMs.  But FBI Director Robert Mueller, in a House Appropriations Committee hearing March 9, 2006, said he was aware that individuals from countries with known Al Qaeda ties had entered the US under false identities.”

As noted in an October 6, 2006 article in the UK Times On-Line, Seizures of radioactive materials fuel 'dirty bomb' fears, by Lewis Smith:

“Smugglers have been caught trying to traffic dangerous radioactive material more than 300 times since 2002, statistics from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) show.  Most of the incidents are understood to have occurred in Europe.

The disclosures come as Al-Qaeda is known to be intensifying its efforts to obtain a radioactive device.  Last year, Western security services, including MI5 and MI6, thwarted 16 attempts to smuggle plutonium or uranium.  On two occasions small quantities of highly enriched uranium were reported missing.  All were feared to have been destined for terror groups.”  (emphasis added)

For a possibly related incident recently in the US see Airport Arrest Turns Up Nuclear Info. 

Even more recently there is a December 2006 article in the Canada Free Press, Spy Death by Nuclear Poisoning Tied to American Hiroshima, where it was reported: 

The death of Alexander Litvinenko by radiological poisoning points to the possibility that the former Soviet spy may have been involved with Islamic terrorists in the preparation of tactical nuclear weapons for use in the jihad against the United States and its NATO allies.”


“In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to suitcase nukes that were developed by U.S. and Soviet forces during the Cold War.  Reliable sources, including Hans Blix of the United Nation, have confirmed that bin Laden purchased several of these devices from the Chechen rebels in 1996.  According to Sharif al-Masri and other al Qaeda operatives who have been taken into custody, several of these weapons have been forward deployed to the United States in preparation for al Qaeda’s next attack on American soil.” (emphasis added)

In any case, it is only a matter of time, unless we acquire the national will to absolutely crush the terrorists first.  Did you happen to see that report or the November 2006 reports Al-Qaeda planning for nuclear attack  and  Al-Qaeda Chief Vows to Blow Up White House  on your local news channel? 

How about Al Qaeda Claims to Have 12,000 Fighters in Iraq  or  Al-Qaeda gloats over demise of Rumsfeld?  When the MSM starts parroting the far left’s policy of appeasement with Iran, you might want to note Iran’s Call for the Destruction of Israel, where Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”  Iran is where Al Qaeda gets a lot of its funding and many of the “freedom fighters” willing to kill themselves fighting the “great and small Satan” – the US and Israel.  Their goal is the elimination of Israel first, then the elimination of the USA.  This is not idle speculation but documented fact – see the links at the end of this section.

In a speech by Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Michael Chertoff on September 11, 2006, Five Years Later, he stated “Our number one defense against terror involves the perimeter, keeping dangerous enemies from entering the United States of America.”









While DHS and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) are doing a little better job, by that admission we are in big trouble, given the current porosity of the borders. 

How bad are we actually doing and what is the current risk?  See The Five Years War: Public Safety versus Special Interest for some rather discouraging insight.

As noted in a report by The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Strategic Study on Bioterrorism, some analysts consider bioterrorism to be a greater or more viable threat than nuclear terrorism.  

Couple that with the recent report, World's most deadly bugs... in the hands of terrorists, which notes:

New technology that would give terrorists the power to create deadly bacteria and viruses from scratch is only years away from completion and threatens to make existing controls on biological weapons obsolete, experts warned yesterday….Al-Qaeda is determined to acquire the technology to carry out a nuclear attack….The official warned that Osama bin Laden's terrorist network was trawling the world for the materials and know-how to mount an attack using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.”

Also take note of North Korea trying to weaponize bird flu which notes:

“The pariah state of North Korea is trying to weaponize the bird flu virus, making it the ideal threat for al-Qaida, the British intelligence agency MI6 has learned.  The Bush administration has given briefings classified "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information" to members of Congress and the Senate on the threat.  In aerosol form it would be undetectable at all border crossings and virologists at Porton Down – Britain's research center responsible for developing antidotes against biological attacks – fear that a genetically engineered version of the virus would be far more lethal than any current threat from the virus.  World ranking experts have said that it would be "the greatest threat al-Qaida could unleash." 

It is worth noting that the Bird Flu is not yet person to person contagious but is currently killing about 60% of those that catch it – a fatality rate that far surpasses any plague in history.  Some scientists say it is only a few mutations away from becoming pandemic.  Mutations that could be engineered.

If the very real potential of illegal alien terrorists attacking again is not important to you then I would suggest you see the movies United 93, True Lies, and The Peacemaker, and then read Osama's exploits south of border -AlQaida in league with Mexican radicals in plot to penetrate U.S., says MI6 report and No place to run.  Then consider some of the more serious alternatives of open borders in a post 9/11 world.  As Congressman Lamar Smith noted, Border Security Is National Security.  

The illegal alien terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 killed 2,752 Americans in the Twin Towers and 3,047 overall, counting the losses in the Pentagon and the braves souls on United Flight 93.



Have we forgotten the zeal for those who not only want to kill Americans but will actually try to kill as many Americans as they can?

Should illegal alien terrorists target a major shopping mall or subway system in the US and contaminate it with a nuclear agent such as polonium-210 or a biological agent such as Anthrax, the death toll could easily be in the tens of thousands. 

Should the illegal alien terrorists set of a small suitcase nuke in a major city the death toll could easily be in the hundreds of thousands. 

Should the illegal alien terrorists release a genetically engineered version of the Bird Flu that is person-person contagious across the USA the death toll could easily be in the tens of millions.

For all you parents and grandparents who still don’t think controlling our borders and knowing who is in the country is important, you might want to check out Mass Slaughter in Our Public Schools: - The Terrorists' Chilling Plan where it is reported:

“….according to two trainers at an anti-terrorism conference on the East Coast, preparations for attacks on American schools that will bring rivers of blood and staggering body counts are well underway in Islamic terrorist camps.

·   The intended attackers have bluntly warned us they're going to do it.

·   They're already begun testing school-related targets here.

·   They've given us a catastrophic model to train against, which we've largely ignored and they've learned more deadly tactics from.

Al-Qaeda has publicly asserted the "right" to kill 2,000,000 American children, Rassa explained, and has warned that "operations are in stages of preparation" now.  He played vivid videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan, showing al-Qaeda terrorists practicing the takeover of a school.  The trainees issue commands in English, rehearse separating youngsters into manageable groups and meeting any resistance with violence.  Some "hostages" are taken to the rooftop, dangled over the edge, then "shot."

"Any place that has given [Islamic terrorists] trouble, they've come after the kids," Grossman said.  Muslim religious literature, according to Rassa, states clearly that the killing of children not only is "permitted" in Islam but is "approved" by Mohammed, so long as the perpetrators "are striving for the general good" as interpreted by that religion.

He cited instances in Indonesia where girls on their way to school have been beheaded and in other countries where children have been shot, mutilated, raped or burned alive.

In this country this year ['06], Rassa said, there have been several school bus-related incidents involving Middle Eastern males that raise suspicion of terrorist activity.  These include the surprise boarding of a school bus in Florida by two men in trench coats, who may have been on a canvassing mission, and the attempt in New York State by an Arab male to obtain a job as a school bus driver using fraudulent Social Security documents.  The latter gave an address in Detroit, home to a large colony of fundamentalist Muslims.

Rassa claimed that floor plans for half a dozen schools in Virginia, Texas and New Jersey have been recovered from terrorist hands in Iraq.”

(emphasis added)

The nation was gripped by the “massacre” at Columbine High School a few years ago.  As tragic as that was, imagine what a few committed illegal alien terrorists could do in one of our schools.  It has already happened in other schools to other people’s children.  The article goes on regarding:

“…the brutal takedown in 2004 of a school that served children from 6 to 17 years old in Beslan, Russia.

Some 100 terrorists were involved, nearly half of whom were discreetly embedded in the large crowd of parents, staff and kids who showed up for the first day of school; the rest arrived for the surprise attack in SUVs, troop carriers and big sedans.  Across a three-day siege, 700 people were wounded and 338 killed, including 172 youngsters.

More than 1,000 men, women and children, including babies, were penned in an unventilated gym and a cafeteria.  As the days passed without food or water and inside temperatures rose to 115 degrees, survivors were eating flowers they'd brought for teachers and fighting for urine to drink out of their shoes in desperation.  Women and some children were repeatedly and continuously raped.

Adult males and larger male students were used as "forced labor" to help fortify the building, then shot to death.  Bodies were thrown out of an upper-story window, down onto a courtyard. Attempts at negotiation by responders were used by the terrorists strictly as an opportunity to buy time to solidify their fortifications.

Surviving hostages were surrounded by armed guards standing on deadman switches, wired to explosives.  All entrances to the building as well as stairwells and some interior doorways were booby-trapped.  Youngsters were forced to sit on window sills to serve as shields for snipers. "Black widows" (potential suicide bombers) were rigged so their bomb belts could be detonated by remote control when leaders considered the timing was right.  The terrorists stayed cranked up on some type of amphetamine to keep awake.

…When troops finally stormed the school in a counter-assault on the third day, "pure pandemonium" reigned.  Soldiers and the kids they were trying to rescue were gunned down mercilessly.  Explosions touched off inside started multiple fires.

Responders who made it inside had to jump over trip wires as they "ran" up stairs under fire from above.  By then terrorists were holding hostages in virtually every room.  Rescue teams were subjected to continual ambushes.  Gunfights occurred predominately within a 6-ft. range, with some responders having to fight for their lives in places so cramped they couldn't get off their hands and knees.

Some children successfully rescued from the building were so crazed by thirst that they ran to an outdoor spigot and were killed by a grenade as they filled their hands with water.”

The police and swat team could not save the students and teachers at Columbine from two moderately armed but amateur killers.  Illegal alien terrorists targeting schools will be heavily armed and thoroughly trained to kill and will not be holding captured kids for ransom.  Nor will they persuaded to “can’t we all just get along?” by some touchy-feely psychologist hostage negotiator and they will not be influenced by “peace-now” demonstrators singing Kumbaya.  They want to die serving their cause and will try to kill as many American children as they can before they themselves are finally killed. 

If you do not think this is possible, check the response time of heavy police reinforcements and the swat team to your children’s school and then estimate how many children could be killed in that time by just a few terrorists with automatic weapons and grenades.  In just five minutes, most of everybody in the school would be dead, especially with the “lockdown” procedures adopted by most schools.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that illegal alien terrorists are stupid.  They are diabolical, cunning, determined, willing to die for their god fighting the “infidels,” and want to kill as many Americans as they can.  That includes your children in one of their most vulnerable locations – your local school.  According to many experts the terrorist sleeper cells are already in the US waiting word to launch their attacks.  It would not surprise me if the attacks started right before the 2008 elections in an attempt to push the nation further left and into a non-confrontational foreign policy as they successfully did in Spain a few years ago.

Proper border security and identification are key elements to keep them out and arresting them when here so what happened in Belsan does not happen in a school in your town with your children being killed this time.

When you see the MSM media and ACLU railing against some part of the Patriot Act or other government program designed to catch domestic and infiltrated terrorists in the USA, consider the words of terrorism expert Dave Gaubatz in a February 2007 article, Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada:

“There is every reason to suspect that we will endure suicide missions by Islamist sleeper cells.  They are already in place.  They are waiting for the right time.  I know this from experience.

….Children are the ones who suffer in wartime and I want to prevent any child from ever having to experience a terrorist attack.”

According to Global in their report on sleeper cells:

“As late as February 2004, one report claimed that Al Qaeda sleeper cells were believed to be operating in 40 states, according to the FBI and other federal authorities, awaiting orders and funding for new attacks in the United States.

On July 8, 2004 a Senior Intelligence Official stated: "There is intelligence that al-Qaeda has individuals dispersed worldwide, and worldwide would include the United States, that are -- they are using in order to facilitate the operational planning necessary to carry out attacks successfully."

….In March 2005 a leaked FBI report concluded that “US Government efforts to date also have not revealed evidence of concealed cells or networks acting in the homeland as sleepers.”

One book published in late 2005 repeated the claim of 5,000 Al Qaeda sleeper cell agents in the United States.  This claim is made in the context of Osama's "patient" long term plan to execute an "American Hiroshima" in a simultaneous nuclear attack on seven major US cities.  This is beyond even Hollywood's wildest imagination.

The terrorists will not go after hard targets.  They will attack soft targets that provide a high degree of success, the most casualties, and the greatest impact on the American psyche in an attempt to weaken our national will on the fight against terrorism.

Are they waiting to attack your children’s school?

To see how easy it would be for a few illegal alien terrorists to kill a few tens of thousand to hundreds of thousands of Americans using “stuff” that is already here and, unfortunately, too easily accessible, see Carl Prine’s 1/14/07 investigative article in the Pittsburg Tribune Review: Terror on the Tracks.

Is there a railroad line anywhere near your children’s school?

It is only a matter of time before the USA is hit again.  All these catastrophes would be a direct result of poor border security, lack of real identification, substandard immigration enforcement, the MSM hand-wringing over spying on domestic terrorists, and would all be part of the collateral damage of tolerating illegal immigration to save ten cents on a head of lettuce.

For more information on the potential of illegal alien terrorism, see:

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