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By PF Wagner  23 February 2007


Part 2



Except for when an illegal alien does something really horrific, such as when illegal aliens killed Denver Police Officer Don Young and Los Angeles County Deputy David March, or when one  dragged his girlfriend to death behind his car, we rarely hear about the crime being committed specifically by illegal aliens. 

There are a number of reasons why.  A large part of the reason is that the overwhelming majority of the MSM generally believe that illegal immigration is a “victimless crime” and, as such, it is not worthy to do any real reporting on.  Some more is due to the fact that illegal aliens are often silent on family violence and afraid to report crime within their communities leaving much of the crime totally unreported.  It is also due to the fact that the MSM rarely make any distinction between crimes committed by US citizen perpetrators and illegal alien perpetrators.  In fact, they seem to go out of their way to not let us know.  Then too, the FBI and Justice Dept. just don’t track it.

As much as I do not like siding with the MSM, in their defense, establishing the residency of a perpetrator often takes much longer and with the ever decreasing news cycles there is just no time to check and get it confirmed.  The end result is that most crimes being committed by illegal aliens are simply not reported as being committed by an illegal alien because by the time the perpetrator’s residency is actually identified it is usually “old news.”  However, that does not excuse the MSM from reporting the facts in high profile cases where there are numerous follow-on stories.  Nor does it excuse them from doing investigative reporting on the collective number of crimes being committed.

While the murders of Officer Young and Deputy March and the recent horrific dragging death were national news, few know about illegal alien Cornelio Rivera Zamites molesting and then strangling to death four year old Esmerelda Nava.  Yet such horrible things are fairly common and are happening more and more frequently. 

Putting things in their proper perspective, most crime is actually down and since 1993 violent crime has been sharply trending down, except for the last few years with a notable up-tick in 2006, which may or may not be attributable to illegal aliens.  As we’ll see latter, NOBODY really knows – or at least they aren’t saying. 


Four Measures of Violent Crime ChartPrisoners by conviction offense Chart







The overall favorable results are mostly due to a corresponding “get tough” policy with its increased expenditures.  This has resulted in a large increase in the adult correctional population, over the same time period, especially for violent crimes, and also includes a dramatic surge in the number of illegal aliens incarcerated. 

As we continue to look at the violent crime being committed by illegal aliens, keep the steep rise of incarcerated violent prisoners in mind and note that the slope of the curve increases after 1989. 

As noted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, State prison population by offense type, “Over half of the increase in State prison population since 1995 is due to an increase in the prisoners convicted of violent offenses.”

In any case, despite what the MSM reports, or doesn’t report as the case may be, a correlation between illegal aliens and crime can be gleaned from comparing a National Index Crime Rate map with a map of the percentage of the unauthorized population as a the total foreign-born population in the state. 


Note that if California was split in two, southern California would probably be in the top category as well. 


Chart of the estimated unauthorized population as a % of the total foreign-born population, from the Hew Hispanic Center – Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics

Regarding the increased crime fighting expenses referenced a few paragraphs earlier, since the early 1980s there have been massive increases in expenditures as reported by the Justice Department as detailed in the following charts.  Also note that the slope of the curve for expenditures for police increases after 1989.

Expenditure by Function Trends Chart    Expenditure by Government Trends Chart

Charts from US Dept of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics


How much of that is consequence of illegal alien crimes is largely unknown because NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.  However, we do know that a large portion of the surging prison population is due to illegal alien criminals – a subject addressed later in this section.  Comparing the previous charts, note the correlation with the massive increase in the illegal alien population since 1989.


Chart from Hew Hispanic Center – Unauthorized Migrants: Numbers and Characteristics

At this point it is worth noting that the Hew Hispanic Center uses rather conservative numbers, as does the Census Bureau.  There are strong indications that the numbers are actually far higher.  The Wall Street investment firm Bear Stearns published a report, The Underground Labor Force is Rising to the Surface, in January 2005 which claims that the illegal alien population is double the official government estimates and was closer to 20 million, at that time.

In October, 2006, Virginia Deane Abernethy, Ph.D. and Chairman of the Population-Environment Balance of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine published a report, Census Bureau Distortions Hide Immigration Crisis - Real Numbers Much Higher where she claims that7.2 million aliens enter illegally each year” and notes that the “Census Bureau is a willing participant to misinforming the public on the state of the nation.”  Information from US Border Report – Migration Across the Mexican Border also supports much higher numbers.

Regardless, if either alternative estimate is correct, even partially, the correlation would be even stronger.

In any case, while a notable percentage of illegal aliens are committing a lot of crime, as we shall soon see, it must be stressed that the vast majority of illegal aliens are decent people who work hard and are only trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, something you or I would probably do if we were in their place.  With the exception of ID theft, for most illegal aliens their only crime is breaking the immigration laws of the United States and being in the country illegally. 

Nevertheless, it is also fact that a disproportionately high percentage of illegal aliens are criminals and sexual predators.  That is part of the dark side of illegal immigration and when we simply allow the “good’ in we get the “bad” along with them.  Ignoring the fact that just being an illegal alien already makes one a criminal, the question is, how much really “bad” is acceptable and what price are we willing to pay in terms of the collateral damage being inflicted by simply allowing all of them in?

This section will concentrate on VIOLENT CRIME committed by illegal aliens against people.  The following section will detail the SEXUAL CRIME being committed by illegal aliens.  While most sexual crime is violent as well, there is just too much horrific crime being committed by illegal aliens to cover it all in one section.  In any case, I do not mean to minimize the tremendous devastation upon Americans and society in general from a significant number of additional property and other crimes being committed by illegal aliens.

As an example of a rapidly growing crime that has a high illegal alien participation, causing many months if not years of misery for the victim, see the GAO’s report IDENTITY FRAUD – Prevalence and Links to Illegal Alien Activity, as well as Identity Theft is a Serious Immigration Issue and Illegal Aliens Steal Identities To Get American Jobs.  

If you happened to be the victim of identity theft by an illegal alien you probably don’t think it was a “victimless” crime.  If you haven’t been the victim of ID theft but would like to know what the fuss is all about, see: 10-year-old girl victim of ID theft,  Two women, one ID and plenty of problems,  As victim of identity theft, I wish several things would happen,  and  Illicit Use of Social Security Information Rises.  Also note An Illegal Immigration Link to Identity Theft, to see how easy and cheap it is to get the documents stealing YOUR identification.

Additionally, there is a plethora of other criminal activities with a high illegal alien participation, including such crimes involving cocaine,  methamphetamine,  home invasion,  auto insurance fraud,  life insurance fraud,  food stamp fraud,  mortgage fraud,  auto theft, drug trafficking,  prostitution, more prostitution,  and, of course, counterfeiting documents.

As we will see, many illegal aliens are not just your casual immigration violating, ID theft and fraud committing, law breaker.  Many are recidivists – a.k.a. career criminals, like Juan Leonardo Quintero, who was previously deported after being convicted of indecency with a child, but who later came back and then just recently killed a Houston cop in cold blood, leaving a widow and five now fatherless children. 

Keep “previously deported” in mind as you will be seeing that reference a lot in this paper.

Also, many crimes are gang related with the growing Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang being notoriously brutal in carrying out its criminal activities – a topic independently covered in the GANG CRIMES section.

As detailed by Edwin Rubenstein in Criminal Alien Nation, criminal illegal aliens are a growing threat.  In summary, he reports:

In 1980, our Federal and state facilities held fewer than 9,000 criminal aliens but at the end of 2003, approximately 267,000 illegal aliens were incarcerated in U.S. correctional facilities, as follows

·   46,000 in Federal prisons

·   74,000 in state prisons

·   147,000 in local jails

The article also notes that approximately 27% of all prisoners in Federal custody are criminal illegal aliens and the majority (63%) of those are Mexican citizens.  However, the large Mexican component is mostly due to the fact that the majority of illegal aliens are from Mexico and the incarceration rate is only slightly above the Mexican representation (~57%) of the illegal aliens in the overall illegal alien population, although a more recent crossing analysis indicates a much higher Mexican content.  

The article goes on to state that in fiscal 2004, the Federal govt. spent $1.4 billion to incarcerate criminal aliens.  This total included $280 million of reimbursements made to state and local governments under the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program [SCAAP] - a Department of Justice program managed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) - but SCAAP funds cover less than 25% of the full cost of incarcerating criminal aliens, leaving the balance of 75% to be picked up by the local jurisdiction. 

It is worth noting that all the incarceration costs are ultimately paid for by the taxpayers.  Throughout this paper, it is worth noting the costs being imposed on society for illegal aliens as you will see that the costs will continue to accumulate, often dramatically so.  It is also worth noting that with proper border security and immigration enforcement there would be few illegal aliens in the country and little of those costs would have been incurred, thus allowing a cost-benefit analysis.

On May 9, 2005, the GAO issued a report, number GAO-05-337R, entitled Information on Criminal Aliens Incarcerated in Federal and State Prisons and Local Jails, prepared for the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims.  It noted:

“At the federal level, the number of criminal aliens incarcerated increased from about 42,000 at the end of calendar year 2001 to about 49,000 at the end of calendar year 2004--a 15 percent increase.  The percentage of all federal prisoners who are criminal aliens has remained the same over the last 3 years--about 27 percent.  The majority of criminal aliens incarcerated at the end of calendar year 2004 were identified as citizens of Mexico.  We estimate the federal cost of incarcerating criminal aliens--BOP's cost to incarcerate criminals and reimbursements to state and local governments under SCAAP--totaled approximately $5.8 billion for calendar years 2001 through 2004.  BOP's cost to incarcerate criminal aliens rose from about $950 million in 2001 to about $1.2 billion in 2004--a 14 percent increase.”

And interestingly notes:

“Federal reimbursements for incarcerating criminal aliens in state prisons and local jails declined from $550 million in 2001 to $280 million in 2004, in a large part due to a reduction in congressional appropriations.”

This illustrates the failings of your government as the Federal Government is responsible for securing the borders but allows more and more illegal aliens to violate the sovereignty of the United States.  However, when the illegal aliens commit crimes and are arrested, they are paying less and less of the state and local costs of incarcerating them.  That’s something you might want to ask your state’s congressional members about, especially if the reimbursement costs are even lower in 2007.

Although notable, the public cost of incarcerating illegal aliens is trivial alongside the carnage they imposed on their victims.  Remember, incarcerated illegal alien perpetrators committed crime before being incarcerated.  So the question is “How much crime?” 

To give you an idea of “how much crime,” as noted in Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Full Swing, in April 2005, the GAO released another report, GAO-05-646R, on a study of 55,322 illegal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local facilities during 2003.  It found the following:

Of the 55,322 illegal aliens studied, researchers found that they were arrested a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien.

·   They were arrested for a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses, averaging about 13 offenses per illegal alien.

·   49% had previously been convicted of a felony, 20% of a drug offense; 18% a violent offense, and 11%, other felony offenses.

·   81% of the arrests occurred after 1990

·   56% of those charged with a reentry offense had previously been convicted on at least 5 prior occasions. 

·   Defendants charged with unlawful reentry had the most extensive criminal histories.  90% had been previously arrested.  Of those with a prior arrest, 50% had been arrested for violent or drug-related felonies.

Note the last two points – the perpetrators were once “previously deported.”  Regardless, ALL those crimes would have never happened, i.e. were preventable, with serious deportation of the illegal aliens already here and proper border security to prevent both entry and re-entry.

In reviewing those numbers, note that the study only sampled about 21% of the incarcerated illegal aliens.  To get the full extent of the collateral damage, we need to extrapolate the average number of 13 criminal offenses arrested for across all 267,000 incarcerated illegal alien criminals.  Doing so results in some 3,471,000 crimes!  While noteworthy all by itself, note that that would be just the crimes arrested for.  How many additional criminal offenses they committed but were not arrested for is unknown.

Don’t the MSM and illegal alien supporters continually tell us that illegal immigration is a “victimless crime” and that they are only here to do the work Americans don’t want to do?  Since each crime has a victim, 3,471,000 sounds like a lot of victimization to me.  Maybe they are also referring to doing the “work” that American criminals don’t want to do.  Also keep in mind that the 3,471,000 crimes are only the ones committed by the hard core illegal alien criminals that were finally caught and incarcerated.  The ones not caught and the new criminals crossing daily are committing more crime each and every day.  Given the large number of crimes committed by hard core illegal alien criminals it would be worth while to come up with an estimate.

One of the problems in identifying the involvement of illegal aliens in crime, is that NOBODY TRACKS IT as a particular demographic statistic.  While the INS keeps track of all sorts of demographic data for the illegal aliens that were actually arrested and deported and puts it in the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, the judicial system does not track it.  As noted in Cop murder spotlights crisis of killer aliens - No government agency tracks crimes by illegals, not even attacks on police so nobody really knows how many illegal alien criminals there are or how many crimes they are actually committing.  Many simply fall through the cracks.

If we assume illegal aliens commit crime at the same rate as citizens in the general population, an assumption that may grossly underestimate their involvement as we shall soon see, we can estimate the number of crimes on a yearly basis being committed by illegal aliens as a straight percentage of the population.  To do this, we note the number of illegal aliens in the population and apply the percentage representation in the population to the total number of crimes committed. 

The current population of illegal aliens ranges from a generally accepted low of 12 million to a few estimates in the 25-30 million range.  For the purposes of this discussion, I will use a relatively lower estimate of 15 million in a population of 300 million which is a 5% representation.

As we will see later, the Justice Department does not track crimes by nationality so NOBODY actually knows how much crime is being committed by foreign nationals, a.k.a. illegal aliens.  While we can make a reasonable assumption that there are more illegal alien criminals who are not in jail as there are in jail, as partially indicated by the 400,000 outstanding deportation orders, we simply do not know how much crime they are committing. 

With the Federal Government acting like a bunch of “see and hear no evil” monkeys when it comes to illegal alien crime, we are left to our own devices to come up with any meaningful numbers.  One measure is to assume that illegal aliens commit the same amount of the crime as their representative percentage of the general population.  Is that accurate?  Nobody knows.  However, as the aforementioned GAO report noted, we do know that about 27% of the incarcerated prisoners in federal jails are foreign nationals and that they did commit a lot of crime.  This means that incarcerated illegal aliens are disproportionately responsible for more crime than their representation in the population.  It is therefore not unreasonable to assume that illegal aliens are also responsible for about the same proportion of the ongoing crime as well.  While the actual number probably lies somewhere between the two estimates, NOBODY KNOWS BECAUSE NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.

The following estimate of illegal alien crime is based on the aforementioned assumptions.  Thus we start with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), Crime in the United States (CIUS) 2005, for the Estimated Number of Arrests and then apply the 5% representation of the illegal alien population component as well as the 27% incarceration rate in federal prisons to the number of crimes reported by the FBI from actual arrests.  What we then get an estimation of how much crime was committed by arrested illegal aliens in 2005 as follows:

CRIMES (actual arrests)


5% rate

27% rate





Murder & non-negligent manslaughter




Forcible rape




Offenses against family & children




Note how close the number of crimes committed in 2005 using the 27% incarceration rate participation is to the estimated number of crimes committed by currently incarcerated illegal aliens is.  Is this coincidental or actually an accurate representation of disproportionate participation?  Once arrested one would think the government would want to know if the perpetrator was a citizen or a foreign national but, unbelievably, that is not tracked so, again, nobody knows. 

However, this is not all the crime – only crime where somebody was actually arrested.  To find all the crime you need to go the Department of Justice’s report Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables which reports nearly every possible aspect of the crime being committed in the USA, with two notable exceptions. 

Using the Justice Department’s data and applying the illegal alien 5% population component as well as the 27% incarceration rate in federal prisons, we can now get an estimation of how much crime was actually committed in 2005 by illegal aliens as follows:

CRIMES (victimization)

Number In USA

5% rate

27% rate





Crimes of violence




Murder & Manslaughter (from CIUS)




Rape/Sexual assault




Similar collateral damage would have been inflicted in 2006 and you can expect a about as much in 2007.  Whether you use the 5%, the 27%. or an average of the two, this is a tremendous amount of crime from an identifiable demographic segment of the population.

Is this much crime acceptable to save ten cents on a head of lettuce?

You probably wouldn’t think so if you were one of the 1,172,036 victims, let alone one of the 6,328,994 victims.

Keep in mind, this is an approximation of the collateral damage being inflicted PER YEAR.  If the number of illegal aliens is greater than 15 million the number of crimes goes up on a straight percentage of the population participation basis.  If there is disproportional participation, as noted by the 27% rate for incarcerated illegal aliens, the number of crimes goes up.  Regardless, even at just a 5% participation rate, that is a lot of crime that never should have happened in the first place.

In trying to figure out who is actually committing the crimes, what the foreign national participation is, and whether illegal aliens are committing 5% of the crime based on their representation in the population or if they really are committing 27% of the crime, an astounding 5.4 times more participation than representation, we need to look at the sources for reporting the crime.  However, in doing this we soon run into problems.

As noted in The Tarpit blog, Hispanics/Latinos, by far the largest component of illegal aliens, become “White, Caucasian, or Other” perpetrators in Arizona.  The same thing in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, and probably other states as well.  As previously alluded to, even the Justice Department doesn’t seem to want to know as neither the nationality of the perpetrator nor a Hispanic/Latino category is even present in either their Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) or Victims and Offenders Supplement.

The Justice Department collects quite a lot of data on crime, including the Hispanic ethnicity of victims, but they do not report on any contributions to crime by Hispanic perpetrators.  While not all illegal aliens are Hispanic, all illegal aliens are foreign nationals.  After spending a few hours wading through various reports from the Justice Department I still could not find mention of either category.  Given the massive amount of crime being committed I found it strange that it was not being tracked, especially crimes committed on American soil by foreign nationals, legal or illegal.  

When putting this report together, I inquired of Justice Department as to why they didn’t want to know if Hispanics were committing any crime.  Their response was:

“The Uniform Crime Reporting Program was mandated by Congress to collect and publish the crimes that are reported to police agencies for statistical purposes, not investigative purposes.

The elements of race and ethnicity built into the UCR Program adhere to the guidelines established by DIRECTIVE NO 15, RACE AND ETHNIC STANDARDS FOR FEDERAL STATISTICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTING.  Those guidelines are set by the Office of Management and Budget, and as federal agency in the capacity of overseer of the UCR Program, the FBI is required to abide by those guidelines.  For UCR purposes there are four racial categories: White; Black; American Indian or Alaskan Native; and Asian or Pacific Islander.  The term Hispanic is an indicator of ethnicity, and the UCR Program does not currently collect information on ethnicity.”

Since all illegal aliens are foreign nationals, I then again asked “Why doesn’t the Department of Justice and FBI want to know what and how many crimes are being committed by foreign nationals on U.S. soil?” and “If you don’t track it, why not?”  As well as “Are foreign nationals committing crime at a greater or lesser rate than their representation in the population”  and  What category does the Americans killed by terrorists, all foreign nationals, on 9/11 go under?”

Two weeks later, the FBI Communication Unit responded as follows:

“This correspondence is in response to your e-mail of January 30 in which you asked several questions concerning crimes committed by foreign nationals.  The staff of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime statistics program, has been tasked with answering those questions.

The FBI’s UCR Program is a nationwide, cooperative statistical effort of more than 17,000 city, university and college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies voluntarily reporting data on crimes brought to their attention.  Since 1930, the FBI has administered the UCR Program and has published reports about the nature and type of crime in the Nation.  The Program's primary objective is to generate reliable information for use in law enforcement administration and operation.

In further response to your question, the UCR Program does not currently collect the citizenship status of arrestees.  To date, the Program managers and administrators have no plans to add citizenship status as a collection criterion.  The only two avenues for affecting changes to the FBI’s UCR Program are via the recommendation of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Advisory Policy Board (APB) - an entity separate of the FBI’s CJIS Division - and through legislative mandate.  Though changes to the UCR Program have occurred, any changes undertaken - the addition of data elements, for example - affect not only the national Program but all of the 17,000 often understaffed law enforcement agencies that voluntarily collect and contribute data to the UCR Program.  The APB assesses the need for a change, the effect a change would have on local or state law enforcement agencies in terms of burden to staff, and the financial impact of the change to existing data collection systems, etc.  When considering an addition to the data elements in the UCR Program, its administrators and advisors must weigh the addition of an element against the impact to our contributor’s staff and funding.  Also taken into consideration is an agency’s ability to collect these data at their investigative level.  The law enforcement officer, who makes the arrest and likely files the report from which UCR data are derived, would not readily be able to determine an arrestee’s citizenship status.  If the arrestee is a foreign national, this may not be discovered until the prosecutorial or judicial process commences after the arrest, a part of the criminal justice process about which the UCR does not collect data.

Are foreign nationals committing crime at a greater or lesser rate than their representation in the population 

In its current form, the UCR Program does not collect the kind of data that can provide an answer to this question.

What category do the Americans killed by terrorists, all foreign nationals, on 9/11 go under?

A report compiled by the UCR Program concerning the victims and the offenders in the events of September 11, 2001, was published in the 2001 edition of our annual publication Crime in the United States.  This report can be accessed at < >.  Please note that the report provides only the age, sex, and race of each of the victims.

If you don’t track it [crimes by foreign nationals], does anybody?

As mentioned above, the citizenship status of an individual is likely to be discovered as the arrestee moves through the judicial process.  The Department of Homeland Security publishes its annual report Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, which looks at many aspects of immigration, including law enforcement actions, such as deportation for criminal activity.  The Yearbook of Immigration Statistics can be accessed at <>. 

As you are aware, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) publishes information about the incarceration of individuals with immigrant status.  In addition, the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics collects a great deal of information about individuals who are incarcerated, and citizenship status is one of the facets that they study < >.

Finally, the UCR Program cannot address for investigative or statistical purposes whether any other components of the DOJ or FBI track the number of crimes committed by foreign nationals in the United States.

Note: that last link is no good, but I think they may have been trying to reference: Illegal Aliens in Federal, State, and Local Criminal Justice Systems, a June 1999, 198 page report, the most recent report I was able to locate.  Even if not, that report notes:

“…criminal illegal aliens have become a subject of particular focus.  These individuals have not only entered or resided in the United States without the knowledge or permission of the U.S. government, but, while here, they have also violated the laws of the nation, its states, or municipalities.

At state and local levels, the costs of arresting, prosecuting, sentencing, and supervising criminal illegal aliens has become a major issue.  Officials from states with large numbers of illegal aliens contend that the burden of processing criminal illegal aliens is adversely affecting their states. They further argue that, since it is the federal government’s responsibility to keep illegal aliens out of this country and to expel illegal aliens who have gained entry, the federal government should offset any fiscal impacts that these illegal aliens have on lower levels of government through direct reimbursement direct reimbursement.  Since 1994, six states - Arizona, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas - have filed suits to force the federal government to reimburse them for criminal justice costs associated with illegal aliens.  Federal district judges have dismissed all of the states’ lawsuits and judges have generally found that the claims are political, not judicial.  The Supreme Court upheld upheld these lower court rulings,”

…Despite concerns about criminal illegal aliens, and the disbursement of large amounts of money to offset their costs, very little is known about illegal aliens in the criminal justice system, including such basic information as how many there are, the types of crimes they sentences they receive, and how they differ from legal aliens and U.S. citizens.”

And further notes:


Growth in the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal court 1,528 to 4,081. (See Table 2A.) This increase of 167 percent was substantially higher than the overall increase in defendants sentenced, 13 percent.  Over this period, the number of U.S. citizens sentenced increased by 14 percent and the number of legal aliens declined by 18 percent.  This translated into an increase in the share of defendants sentenced in federal court who are illegal aliens, from 4 percent in 1991 to 11 percent in 1995, and a declining share who are legal aliens, from 12 percent in 1991 to 9 percent in 1995.

There are several possible explanations for the increase in the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal court, including increases in the United States’ illegal alien population, increased enforcement of statuses that illegal aliens are especially likely to violate-including especially unlawful entry to the United States, increased targeting of illegal aliens for federal criminal prosecution, increased criminal activity among illegal aliens, and improved identification of illegal aliens among law enforcement personnel and in the USSC data.

…Growing illegal alien population in the United States: According to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), between 1991 and 1995, when the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal courts increased by 167 percent, the resident illegal alien population in the United States grew from only approximately 30 percent, from 3,625,000 to 4,725,000 (Warren 1997).  This increase in the number of resident illegal aliens can only partially explain the growth in the number of illegal aliens sentenced because many of the illegal aliens sentenced-especially among those captured unlawfully crossing the U.S. border-are not part of the resident illegal alien of the United States.


In 1995, there were 4,081 illegal aliens sentenced in federal district courts, 11 percent of the total sentenced.  The number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal courts increased by 167 percent between 1991 and 1995, compared with 13 percent for citizens.  The number of legal aliens declined by 18 percent over this period.

The share of defendants in federal courts who were illegal aliens rose from 4 percent to 11 percent while the share who were legal aliens declined from 12 percent to 9 percent between 1991 and 1995.

The number of illegal aliens sentenced increased for 89 of the 94 federal district courts, for all major offense categories, and for all major country of citizenship groups.

…Illegal aliens are responsible for more than half of the increase in the number of defendants sentenced in federal courts between 1991 and 1995….In other words, 53 percent of the growth in the number of defendants sentenced in federal courts is attributable to the sharp increase in the number of illegal aliens sentenced.  If the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal court had increased at the same rate as citizens between 1991 and 1995, the total number of defendants sentenced in federal court would have been 6.1 percent lower.

The sharp increase in the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal courts contributed to the increase in estimated federal post-sentencing incarceration and supervision costs.  Between 1991 and 1995, these costs increased by $400.7….In other words, 44 percent of the increase in estimated federal post-sentencing incarceration and supervision costs between 199 1 and 1995 is due to the increase in the number of illegal aliens sentenced.  If the number of illegal aliens sentenced in federal-court had increased at the same rate-as citizens, estimated 1995 total estimated federal post-sentencing incarceration and supervision costs would have been 4.5 percent lower.”

The report also notes that the mean cost of sentencing each illegal alien was $71,282 in 1995.  Adjusting for inflation, that would be $94,294 in 2006.  Thus for every 100,000 criminal illegal alien criminals running around who will eventually get caught and processed through the judicial system those illegal aliens, people who shouldn’t be here, will cost $9.4 BILLION just to sentance.  Keep that amount in mind as we look at the number of illegal alien criminals still walking the streets in this and following sections.

What all this means is that Government has known for years that they have had a growing problem.  For more information see other reports from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service and the United States Sentencing Commission

While the Justice Department tracks nearly every conceivable aspect of crime, evidently, Congress only wants to know what crimes “White, Black, American Indian, and Asian” Americans are committing  Interestingly, however, Hispanic ethnicity is used for counting victims of crime and is very important for establishing minority status and preferences but totally unimportant for determining who is committing crimes.  Crimes being committed by illegal aliens, aka foreign nationals, are not tracked at all.  Amazingly, even the FBI’s report Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed does not track cops killed by foreign nationals.

As noted in the TERRORISM section, we know that foreign national terrorists are coming across the southern border.  Given that one of the FBI Priorities  is to “Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage.” isn’t it a bit strange that they do not even track crimes by foreign nationals?  As a result, according to the FBI and Justice Department, the 9/11 terrorists evidently fall into “people who were driving a plane without a proper license” reporting category.

This means that if foreign national terrorists are committing crime in the USA, like start blowing up people, it won’t be tracked so we won’t know if there is a growing problem with foreign nationals, terrorists or otherwise, committing more crime.  It also means we couldn’t tell the difference between home grown resident terrorists committing crime and foreign nationals committing crime.  However, as this section as detailed FOREIGN NATIONALS may already be committing as many as 6,328,994 crimes per year on American soil! 

While we are on the subject of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), Jim Kouri notes in Crime Statistics and the Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini:

“Yet the public is generally unaware that the UCR system is essentially a voluntary system; there is no federal legislation that requires States or local jurisdictions to report their crime data to the FBI.

The voluntary nature of the UCR, of course, affects the accuracy and completeness of the data. Although the FBI devotes a great deal of attention to the quality of the data it publishes in CIUS, it cannot mandate agencies to provide data on time (or at all).”

It is also worth noting that National Crime Victimization Survey does not interview victims under age 12, which will result in underreporting of sexual crimes, and as we’ll see in the following sections, many crimes in illegal alien communities are simply not reported. 

Thus, if anything, the FBI underreports crime.  By how much, nobody knows.

In any case, it would appear that other than what the INS reports when foreign nationals are actually caught and deported, NOBODY IS TRACKING CRIMES COMMITTED ON AMERICAN SOIL BY FOREIGN NATIONALS.  Given the serious of the crimes and large participation by mostly Hispanic, illegal alien, a.k.a. foreign national, criminals it almost seems as if the various government agencies don’t want you to know.  Also, I could not find any investigative reporting by the MSM on the issue.  If even a small number of those 6,328,994 crimes were committed against members of the media or politicians maybe we would have heard something but the silence is deafening.

As noted in a September 2006 article, Cop murder spotlights crisis of killer aliens, in WND

While no government agencies specifically track crimes by illegal aliens, there have been some efforts to quantify the loss.  Last December, Mac Johnson set out to investigate the number of homicides perpetrated by illegal aliens.  Since the federal government would not provide any useful information, he contacted all 50 statehouses.  Three months later, he had fewer than a dozen responses.  Only one state, Vermont, provided any useful information.

He then set out to statistically estimate the number of murders by illegal aliens based on available crime data and conservative estimates of the actual number of illegal aliens in the country – which, of course, nobody really knows.

He found that between 1,806 and 2,510 people in the U.S. are murdered annually by illegal aliens.  If he's right, that would represent between 11 percent and 15 percent of all murders in the U.S.”:

Using the mean of Mr. Johnson’s range, that means there are 2,158 murders committed annually by illegal aliens – crimes that never would have happened if they weren’t here.  This is part of the collateral damage of tolerating illegal immigration. 

Note that at 2,158 murders that would be 15.3% of all the murders reported by the FBI, which would be about three times the representation of illegal aliens in the general population.  Whether illegal aliens are committing three times as many of the other crimes as well is unknown because NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.  Regardless, keep that “three times” in mind because it will come up again.  

At this point it is worth noting that Representative King states in Biting the Hand That Feeds You , referenced in the INTRODUCTION and often quoted all over the internet, that illegal aliens are responsible for 4,380 murders yearly.  Congressman King based his number on two GAO reports (d05337r and d05646r) on the percentage of incarcerated illegal aliens in the prison population, ~27%, which was then applied to the FBI’s reported number of murders, similar to the projection used earlier in this section that used a rounded-up percentage.  Using this estimate, illegal aliens would be responsible for about 27% of the murders, which is a rate that is 5.4 times their representation in the population.  Whether a 15.3% or 27% participation rate is more correct, nobody knows, because NOBODY IS TRACKING MURDERS COMMITTED BY FOREIGN NATIONALS ON AMERICAN SOIL.

Returning to Department of Justice’s report, Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005 Statistical Tables, and the estimated participation of illegal aliens calculated earlier in this section, each of these crimes has both a personal and economic impact.  You can easily imagine the personal devastation on the individual and families as they ask “why me?”  Since all these crimes would not have happened if there were no illegal aliens in the country, the unfortunate answer is that “because we as a nation and people have tolerated, and in many cases aided and abetted, illegal immigration.”

The economic burden which these crimes impose on their victims and society have monetary costs.  As noted earlier there is a fairly notably processing cost for each criminal illegal alien and there has been a tremendous increase in the law enforcement budgets.  Additionally, each caught criminal then needs to be incarcerated at about $25,000 per year.  How much law enforcement is spending as a direct and indirect consequence of illegal alien crime is unknown but reviewing the expenditure graphs, note that the rate of the expenditures increases after around 1989 which correspond with the large increase in the illegal alien population. 

In any case, with 267,000 illegal aliens incarcerated, as of 2003, just the sentencing costs of those, not counting all the ones previously sentenced and subsequently released, were about $24.9 billion and the incarceration costs of those 267,000 currently incarcerated illegal alien criminals is $6.7 BILLION per year,  at $25,000 per inmate per year.

I’ll take a wild guess that you didn’t realize we were spending that much.  Do you have any better ideas on what we could have spent $24.9B on?  How about $6.7 billion a year rather than providing three meals a day and color TV to a bunch of illegal alien prisoners?  While you think about that, here is anther one to ponder: how much money would we have saved since 1980 if there were still only 9,000 incarcerated illegal aliens rather than 267,000? 

As extensive as these direct costs are, there are also indirect costs imposed on the victims, including loss of income and property, uncompensated hospital bills, and treatment for resulting emotional and psychological trauma.

As noted in the abstract of the report Victim costs of violent crime and resulting injuries, by Miller, Cohen, and Rossman:

“This DataWatch estimates the costs and monetary value of lost quality of life due to death and nonfatal physical and psychological injury resulting from violent crime.  In 1987 physical injury to people age twelve and older resulting from rape, robbery, assault, murder, and arson caused about $10 billion in potential health-related costs, including some unmet mental health care needs.  It led to $23 billion in lost productivity and almost $145 billion in reduced quality of life (in 1989 dollars).  If associated deaths and cases resulting in psychological injury only are included, costs average $47,000 for rape, $19,000 for robbery, $15,000 for assault, and $25,000 for arson.  Considering only survivors with physical injury, rape cost $60,000, robberies $25,000, assaults $22,000, and arson $50,000.  Costs are almost $2.4 million per murder.  Lifetime costs for all intentional injuries totaled $178 billion during 1987-1990.”

Note that those costs are in 1989 dollars.  Using the CPI index to adjust for 2006 dollars, multiply those numbers by 1.62 which means each rape costs society an average of $76,140 and each murder costs some $3.9 million.  Thus just the 2,158 murders committed by illegal aliens burdened our society with $8.4 BILLION in costs.   If there were actually 4,507 murders that would be $17.6B.

The report tabulates the various costs for each crime as follows:

You may find similar summarized totals from the Justice Dept. in a summary Cost of Crime. 

Again, applying the CPI increase, the total costs in 2006 dollars would be $289 BILLION.  If illegal aliens were responsible for just 5% of it then that would be $14.4 BILLION.  If 27%, then $78B.

For a comprehensive look at the cost of crime, see a report by Professor David Anderson, The Aggregate Burden of Crime, which reports that the net annual burdened costs of crime is actually far higher.  The report notes that in 1999 the costs exceeded $1 trillion.  In 2006 dollars that would be   $1.62 TRILLION.  5% of that would be in excess of $81 BILLION.  If 27%, then $437 BILLION.

Thus if illegal aliens are responsible for 5% of the crime, the costs are somewhere between $14.4 and a minimum of $81 billion, per year.  A higher representation yields proportionally higher costs.  Also, any overrepresentation of involvement means that both numbers go up proportionately.  As an example, we have seen that illegal aliens are involved in murders at a rate that is three times representation.  Moving up to the 27% responsibility for crime results in a burdened cost some where between $78B and $437B.  Regardless of the actual number, keep in mind that these are YEARLY costs and NOBODY KNOWS BECAUSE NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.

Other studies note that career criminals cost society $1.3 million each.  Not counting all the previously incarcerated illegal alien criminals that served their time and were subsequently deported, there are currently about 270,000 career illegal alien criminals currently incarcerated in federal, state, and local jails.  Those would result in a cost of $351 BILLION.  If so, that is $1,170 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.  How much lettuce would that buy?

While there are already some 270,000 incarcerated illegal aliens, there are estimates that another 80,000 to 100,000 illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes still walk the streets.  As previously noted, based on studies, those illegal alien criminal will commit 13 offenses per illegal alien.  For this group, crime pays and our costs for them will end up being an additional 30 – 37% of the costs of the already incarcerated illegal alien criminals.  Since our porous borders let the criminals in and back in, those additional costs will happen EVERY YEAR as the once caught and incarcerated are soon replaced with new criminals. 

A January 2004 article in the Washington Times, Illegal Criminal Aliens Abound in U.S., by Jerry Seper notes:

"About 80,000 illegal criminal aliens, including convicted murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters who served prison time and were released, are loose on the streets of America, hiding from federal immigration authorities.

"Keeping our law-enforcement officers in the dark doesn't make America's streets safer for anyone," said Rep. Charlie Norwood, Georgia Republican.  "At a time when our officers are faced with arresting and re-arresting the same 80,000 criminal aliens over and over again, we should be giving them greater access to data and more resources."

Making matters more difficult for federal authorities are several municipalities that have passed ordinances prohibiting their employees, including police officers, from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Known as "sanctuary laws," the ordinances are in place in varying degree in major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.

Immigration opponents argue that the laws encourage illegal immigration.  Some, including the District-based Federation of American Immigration Reform, have charged that sanctuary laws offer shelter for would-be terrorists by allowing illegal immigrants to establish themselves as residents."

A January  2007 article, Illegals Become Repeat Criminals, also by Jerry Seper in The Washington Times reports:

“Criminal aliens set free on the streets of America -- instead of being deported after serving their time - are being rearrested as many as six more times by U.S. authorities, according to a government audit released yesterday.

But the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General said it did not know how many of 262,105 illegals in the audit, who had been charged with a crime and then released, had been rearrested.

…During fiscal 2005, Justice distributed $287.1 million in SCAAP payments to 752 state, county and local jurisdictions -- nearly 70 percent of which went to 10 jurisdictions: the states of California, New York, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois and Massachusetts; New York City; and two California counties, Los Angeles and Orange.

The report also said investigators identified an official "sanctuary" policy for two jurisdictions that received at least $1 million in SCAAP funding: Oregon, which received $3.4 million, and the city and county of San Francisco, which received $1.1 million and has designated itself a "city and county of refuge."

In addition, an executive order issued in New York City limits the enforcement of immigration law by local authorities, the report said.

The audit defined "sanctuary" as a jurisdiction that may have state laws, local ordinances or departmental policies limiting the role of local authorities in the enforcement of immigration laws.

The audit also examined the level of cooperation among federal, state and local authorities, but found "conflicting views between ICE and local jurisdictions as to what actions constitute full cooperation."

Congress did not define 'fully cooperate,' nor did our review of immigration legislation disclose any specific steps that localities are required to take to help effect the removal of criminal aliens from the United States," the audit said.

The report also found that among 164 state and local agencies surveyed:

·   30 jurisdictions do not generally ask those arrested about their immigration status.

·   17 said they do not inform ICE when they have someone they suspect may be an illegal alien in custody. Some agencies said they do not inform ICE about possible illegals in custody because they don't think ICE will respond.

·   18 jurisdictions do not alert ICE before releasing undocumented criminal aliens.

Without a doubt, illegal aliens who are deported return, and those that are caught and incarcerated commit more crime when released.  And the sanctuary policies of many cities and municipalities facilitate both.  How frustrating this must be for DHS, ICE, and various law enforcement agencies who are trying to protect Americans from being molested, raped, killed, and murdered.

Making matters worse, if that is possible, most of the numbers for criminal illegal aliens actually underestimate the impact or involvement of criminal illegal aliens as the FBI is underreporting the crime, as referenced earlier.  Additionally the data does not include:

·   The cost of criminal aliens for whom states and localities are not reimbursed under the SCAAP program.

·   Criminal aliens who have become citizens are not included.

·   U.S. born criminal children of illegal immigrants are not included

As noted by Heather MacDonald in a must read 2004 article, The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave:

·   In Los Angeles, 95% of some 1,500 outstanding warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens.  About 67% of the 17,000 outstanding fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens.

·   A confidential California Department of Justice study reported in 1995 that 60% of the bloody 18th Street Gang, with an estimated membership at 20,000 in California, are illegal aliens.  Police officers say the proportion is probably much greater.  The gang collaborates with the Mexican Mafia, the dominant force in California prisons, on complicated drug distribution schemes, extortion, and drive-by assassinations, and is responsible for a number of murders, assaults, or robberies every day in LA County.

·   The Columbia Li’l Cycos gang, which uses murder and racketeering to control the drug market around L.A.’s MacArthur Park, was about 60% illegal in 2002, says former Assistant U.S. Attorney Luis Li.  Frank "Pancho Villa" Martinez, a Mexican Mafia member and illegal alien, controls the gang from prison, while serving time for felonious reentry following deportation.

However, as this section has noted and as Ms MacDonald so poignantly notes “Good luck finding any reference to such facts in official crime analysis.”  This is the stuff that NOBODY in the government or MSM is tracking and reporting on.

That must read, interim report from the House Committee on Homeland Security, A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border details the criminal activity and violence taking place along the Southwest border and notes that the region has been experiencing “an alarming rise in the level of criminal cartel activity, including drugs and human smuggling...”  and continues  “The border also is the site of violent criminal enterprises.  These enterprises are carried out by organized crime syndicates and include the smuggling of drugs, humans, weapons, and cash across the US-Mexico border.” 

The report notes that in 2005, Federal drug seizures were a total of 1,129,275 pounds of cocaine and 6,866,465 pounds of marijuana.  Most of that was along the southern border.  Additionally, the report further states that Federal law enforcement estimates that only 10-30% of illegal aliens are actually apprehended and only 10-20% of the drugs are seized. 

A particularly troublesome observation of the report is:

“While many illegal aliens cross the border searching for employment, not all illegal aliens are crossing into the United States to find work.  Law enforcement has stated that some individuals come across the border because they have been forced to leave their home countries due to their criminal activity.  These dangerous criminals are fleeing the law in other countries and seeking refuge in the United States.”

Still think we don’t need to control our borders?  As noted by Mike Cutler in A Very Bad Sign for America, things are really getting out of hand.  Need more proof?  How about a January 2007 report, Guardsmen overrun at the Border, where it was noted:

“A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico.  According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p.m.  The site is manned by National Guardsmen.  Those guardsmen were forced to retreat.

The Border Patrol will not say whether shots were fired.  However, no Guardsmen were injured in the incident.  

The Border Patrol says the incident occurred somewhere along the 120 mile section of the border between Nogales and Lukeville.  The area is known as a drug corridor.  Last year, 124-thousand pounds of illegal drugs were confiscated in this area.”

The Border patrol says the attackers quickly retreated back into Mexico.

Rather than engage the drug-running illegal aliens who wantonly and with force are violating our borders to smuggle their addicting drugs in, we retreat.  In their defense, however, most likely the National Guard retreated because that was their asinine order regarding their “rules of engagement.”

For more information on this “incident,” go to Mexican Gunmen Involved in Arizona Border Incident Actually A Uniformed Mexican Force where it is reported that they were probing the border.

Why is there so much action on the border?  As previously noted, Federal law enforcement estimates that only 10-20% of the drugs are seized and that they seized 1,129,275 pounds of cocaine.  Giving them the benefit of doubt, if 20% of the drugs are seized that means 4,517,100 pounds made it through.  While some experts say 80-90% of the cocaine comes across the US-Mexico border, if just 50% came across the southern border that would be 2,258,550 pounds.  With a street value conservatively estimated at $2,000 per uncut ounce, that is $72.2 BILLION in cocaine. 

That cocaine is heading into your state, city, neighborhood and schools and is probably enough to get most of the teenagers in the United States hooked.  For those of you in illegal alien sanctuaries across the USA, your elected officials are aiding the illegal aliens criminals to spread the poison.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at just cocaine.  There is the big buck business of methamphetamines.  For more horror stories, see the comprehensive special report METH AND THE DRUG LORDS - BIG-TIME OPERATIONS from The McClatchy Company's California newspapers.  One interesting difference, however, is that the Mexican drug cartels are making much of that poison it in the good ole USA.

Compared to cocaine and methamphetamine, marijuana is a much less lucrative “business” but nevertheless many, many tons of it are being smuggled in.  As an example, a recent article, Border Patrol Agents Intercept Drug Smugglers on Horseback, notes that ICE agents in the Tuscon area seized “529 pounds of marijuana -- which has an estimated value of $529,000, according to figures from the National Drug Intelligence Center, that is a fairly average seizure in the Tucson Sector, the busiest along the southern border for drug seizures.

The article notes that “From Oct. 1 through Jan. 31, agents have seized 299,154 pounds of marijuana, more than 2,400 pounds a day.  The totals represent a 31 percent increase from the same time period in fiscal year 2006, when the pounds of marijuana seized shattered previous records.”

At the current rate, and using the a generous 20% drug seizure rate, that means that the Border Patrol will seize 897,462 pounds but allow 3,589,848 pounds through.  The street value of that marijuana is $3.6 billion.  And that is just in the Tuscon area of the border.

Then there is heroin, ecstasy, MDMA, and PCP.

The DEA's map of drug smuggling patterns in 2002                                              Map from DEA’s Drug Threat Assessment 2002

There is a war going on at the southern border between the powerful Mexican drug cartels and a few INS and DEA people trying to stop the poison from flooding into the USA.  For more information, see: Mexicans take over drug trade to US- With Colombian cartels in shambles Mexican drug lords run the show and Mexico: Drug Cartels a Growing Threat.

Still think we don’t need to secure the border?  Home much crime in the US do you think is a direct result of all those drugs pouring across the southern border? 

To see what all that drug money is funding and what is coming our way see Drug Trade Fuels Violence on Nuevo Laredo's Streets where it was noted  "In Laredo, life is different…Here we are prisoners.  In our city, we learn to live with the devil."

In fact it is getting so bad along the southern border that KVIA news reported: Threat to US citizens forces Mx officials to lock down town, TX Sheriff boosts security. 

For more information on what is going on at the southern border, see the AP report Assaults on border agents in southwestern Arizona increasing and Ranch Rescue USA for numerous references on the escalating violence and serious incidents that are routinely occurring on the southern border because there is no physical security.

For a detailed account of what is going on at the border see the special 102 minute video presentation The Illegal Immigration Invasion.

Many of the cops in the southwest are getting very frustrated over the situation.  As noted in a March 2005 article by William La Jeunesse of Fox News, Border States Grapple With Alien Criminals:

“Many police officials in states along the U.S.-Mexican border say they are fed up with the number of illegal aliens populating American prisons, many of them incarcerated for violent crimes such as murder, rape and robbery.

Almost one in six inmates in Arizona, for example, is a Mexican citizen.

"It is a phenomenon that law enforcement recognizes as a major problem," said one undercover detective, who specializes in street gangs and goes by the name "Paco."

"We have to put drug users and violators in there, babysit them, and now we have to babysit illegal aliens," said Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose jails are 4,500 inmates over capacity.

Most Mexicans cross the border looking for work, but competition is fierce for jobs requiring uneducated, unskilled labor.  Many illegal immigrants find themselves far from realizing their dreams.

"We come over here to find a better life," said inmate Tony Perez, a convicted drug dealer.  "Not all of us are here to sell drugs or to do bad things, despite a few that do.  But then again, doesn't everybody else from every other country?"

Arpaio's Phoenix jails house 1,200 criminal aliens, including Perez, who by law should have been deported.  But because of federal bureaucracy and an overburdened system, only the most dangerous felons are actually sent home.

Even when deportation is ordered, about 60 percent of orders are ignored.

Christian Higuera, who is serving time for assault, has fathered an illegitimate child, born in Arizona.  He said he hopes he will be allowed to stay with his child, an American citizen, once he gets out of jail.”

I would imagine that criminals with such attitudes make the job even more frustrating than the “previously deported” and “repeat offender” aspect of illegal alien criminals.

We often hear from the MSM, illegal immigration supporters, and liberals in general, that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. 

Tell that to the relatives of the following victims:

Mary Nagle, a wife and mother of two, who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien who came to her home to power wash her porch.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the perpetrator used Mary Nagle’s own cell phone to call her sisters and friends describing how he sexually abused her.  Read about the tragic story here and here.

The two Catholic nuns who were on a walk saying their rosary when they were attacked by illegal alien Maximilano Esparza who raped both and killed one by strangling her with her rosary beads.

Terry and Lisa Dilks of Urbandale, Iowa, who were murdered by two illegal aliens.  Both perpetrators had previously been arrested on drug charges and turned over and subsequently released by federal immigration agents.

The 10 killed and 4 wounded victims of illegal alien Muslim fanatic and sniper John Lee Malvo.

Kimberley Hope who was killed while feeding her neighbor’s dogs by illegal alien Daniel Gonzalez Berumen who simply wanted her car.

Vinessa Hoera, a young single mom, only 23, when she was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Guatemala.

Tracy Owen, a 23 year old, very pregnant woman of Nashville, who was murdered because a couple of drunk, illegal aliens thought they had struck her in a car-pedestrian traffic accident.  In fact, they had not but shot her five times believing they had.

Officer Sheila HerringNorfolk Police Officer Sheila Herring who was shot by illegal alien Mario Roberto Keen as she responded to a disturbance at a sports bar.  Keen had previously been sentenced to five years in prison in 1990 for selling cocaine and had been previously deported.  Keen attempted to re-enter the United States in New York in 1997, but was reportedly barred from entering.  Obviously, he found another way.

Tony ZeppetellaOfficer Tony Zeppetella, 27, of the Oceanside, CA, police department, was murdered by illegal alien gang member Adrien George Camacho when he stopped him for a traffic violation.  Camacho pulled out a gun and shot the officer.  Camacho then pistol-whipped the injured officer before shooting him again, killing him with the officer's own gun.  At the time, Camacho had a criminal history that includes five previous felony convictions had been previously deported several times.

Fort Worth Officer Dwayne Freeto was killed by drunken driver while helping a stranded motorist.  The speeding car struck Freeto's parked cruiser, causing it to burst into flames burning Officer Freeto to death. 

Police Officer Brandon Winfield, a 12-year veteran on the Houston police force with five children who was killed by illegal alien Juan Leonardo Qunitero who had been previously deported for molesting a 12-year-old girl.  Officer Winfield thought he was assisting a disabled motorist when he was murdered in cold blood.

For more cops killed by illegal aliens go to Officer Down News – although you will have to do some digging to establish the residency of the perpetrator.

And those are just a few of the Americans who recently died at the hands of illegal aliens.

There are currently over 400,000 unaccounted for illegal alien criminals with outstanding deportation orders.  Those are just the ones apprehended.  At least one fourth of these are hard core criminals.  NOBODY knows how many more there are, however, they are numerous and roaming your neighborhood, wanting to prey on you and your family.  Read more about it here.

In fact, the criminal activity in the illegal alien community is now so bad that illegal aliens are being held for ransom and as slaves by other illegal aliens and smugglers are kidnapping illegal aliens from other smugglers! 

While it is a fact that most illegal aliens are generally law abiding, it is also a fact that a significant percentage of illegal aliens have no respect for the rule of law and our legal customs.  Many come with anti-American attitudes and philosophies that are totally “alien” to our culture, a subject addressed later in this paper in the CULTURAL DIFFERENCES section.  The end result is an ever-growing lawlessness among large portions of the illegal alien communities.

As previously noted, this report does not go into the property crimes being committed by illegal aliens.  While violent crimes against one’s person are the most serious, if your identity or car is stolen by an illegal alien you won’t be too happy about it. 

As a small example of property crimes, in 2003, according to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, some 57,600 cars were stolen in just Phoenix alone.  The owner losses are estimated to exceed $864 million.  Most of the stolen cars ended up in Mexico and were never recovered.  How many of those cars were stolen by illegal alien car thieves versus resident car thieves is unknown but you can be confident that illegal aliens had a disproportionately large part of it.

Although somewhat dated, The Center for Immigration Studies’ report Federal Immigration Law Enforcement: Procedures and Complaints documents the growing criminal element in the growing tide of illegal immigration, as well as the deportation obstacles in our broken immigration policies.

To have an appreciation of how hard it is to keep out some of these violent illegal alien criminals with our current porous borders, read the Dept. of Justice’s special report on the story of Rafael Resendez-Ramirez, who on December 16, 1998, entered the home of Dr. Claudia Benton in West University Place, Texas, sexually assaulted her, and then beat her to death in her bedroom.  Ramirez had a long history of entering the United States illegally, committing crimes here, and was previously deported, voluntarily or involuntarily, to Mexico.  See the report at: Part1 and Part 2.

For more information on crimes committed by illegal aliens and the personal impact it has had on individual citizens see:

·   Immigrations Human Cost

·   Victims of Illegal Aliens

·   Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens

·   Escaping Justice

·   Predatory Aliens

·   Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial   

·   Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC – Victims of Illegal Aliens

·   Crimes involving immigrants from around the world, both legal and otherwise

Go to Fallen Heroes for information on a few more cops killed by illegal aliens.

Are you now getting an idea that illegal aliens are committing a lot of crime and it is costing a lot of money? 

Unfortunately, it gets even worse.  As noted in some of the personal references in this section, as well as some of the links at the end of this section, a particularly horrendous aspect of the collateral damage of tolerating illegal aliens are the sexual crimes being committed against American women and children, a subject which is independently covered in the following section, SEXUAL CRIMES. 

When visiting any of the links and sites listed in this report, keep in mind that NOBODY is tracking and reporting the crimes on a national basis and these are just the tip of the iceberg. 

For additional information on the criminal side of illegal aliens see the links listed immediately below.  However, first start with the MUST READ A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border

As you peruse the following links, the question we need to be asking ourselves and all our government officials is:

How many violent crimes being committed by illegal aliens is acceptable to save ten cents on a head of lettuce?

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