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Super Sensitivity, Scare of Racism and Illegal Immigration:

 10/26/06 Racism Racism Racism, the same old lame accusation of the pro-illegal immigration groups to intimidate the majority of us, the American citizens every time we speak up. So what do we do about it? Nothing !!!

Is their any politician remaining in this country that have any guts, that can stand up for the American people that really represents us against the illegal invasion of our country? Unfortunately not even a handful. Why? Because they are all afraid, yes, afraid of being called racist, can you believe it? So pathetic.

So lets understand that, if taking a position against illegal immigration, against the trashing of our country, against the deterioration of our schools, the closure of our emergency rooms, the crowding of our freeways, the takeover of entry level jobs by illegals and the abuse of our welfare system, makes a person a racist, so I confess, I may qualify, but, Iím not afraid to say it like those politicians, you know why? Because I know deep inside me that Ií m not, Iím so far from being a racist, and Iím not intimidated by stupid accusations from people that have no other defense to their illegal activities than calling people names and accusing them with racism.

We live in a time that political correctness is taking over our lives, you cannot say that, you cannot do this; you cannot speak out whatís on your mind because it might offend that person or this group or this or that.

This over sensitivity is destroying us, little by little, we are going to lose our country if we do not wake up and realize the nonsense we put ourselves in. We are the only country in the world that takes political correctness to the extreme. We are willing to tolerate criminal behavior in exchange for not being called racist; we are willing to go to the extreme to prove that we are sensitive.

There are about 10,000 people crossing our southern borders on a daily basis, and what is our government doing about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Donít be fooled much by all those bills passed by the house and the senate recently, it is all an election year stunt. That does not mean that there are not some real patriots among our politicians, but there are a very tiny minority.  For years now this congress and the president failed us miserably when it comes to securing our borders, and yes Iím not afraid of saying specifically our southern borders with Mexico, no political correctness here, I donít see an invasion from the north do you?

I know a lot of you live in states and towns that are not affected much by the illegal immigration problem for now, but I can assure you, with this rate of spreading, it is moving your way and will affect you very soon, you will see. Soon this problem will no longer be affecting only Border States, but every state in the Union. Soon you people in Oklahoma, Montana, Nebraska, the Carolinas the Dakotas and Wisconsin among others, will wake up one day and find your street signs in both English and Spanish, your emergency rooms being forced to shutdown due to abuse by non paying uninsured illegals, your kids at school faced with gang violence, your property value depreciate due to neighborhood deterioration, and your Radio stations and commercials switching from English to Spanish. Is that what you want? Is it worth being so sensitive and afraid to speak your mind?

On Thursday October 26th 2006 President bush is supposed to sign the border fence bill passed by the Senate last month into law, Lets hope so, although honestly it does not mean much,  I think it is all a big political game on the expense of the American people just before the November 7th elections, a 700 Miles fence sounds like a great idea, but when if at all it will be built is uncertain, please lets keep the pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing, not the most sensitive thing not the politically correct thing, but the best thing for the American people, the American Citizens of this country, no matter what race color or Ethnicity they are. The best thing for America.

Let me know what you think