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Below is some of what you and others had to say about the latest immigration news

We may have to edit some long Messages in order to give everybody a chance to express their opinion   Please keep it brief   We will not post any racist, insulting or anti legal immigration comments. We support legal organized  immigration from all countries.

Last Update was on 09/22/2012

I live in California home of the no laws state. If you are an illegal alien you can pretty much get away with anything. This state is doomed as we have two illegal alien loving senators who don't give a darn about what American citizens have to say. And then there's Pelosi and Obama who are tearing down what little enforcement we had. I am sick of supporting other nations throw aways. I am sick of nothing being done to get rid of the illegal alien  drop house next to mine where they all drive very expensive cars from C....... motors in Compton which has a cell phone number for their business. They all drive Cadillac escalades, Lincoln navigators, 4 door ford trucks, Jeep Liberties. I want to know what's up with this C..... motors. They all drive cars from there, never change the plates that I have seen to regular plates. They all move in and then in about 4 months a new bunch comes in. They run what I believe to be a toilet overflow down the side of the property and I called the city but they did not do anything. Now the toilet thing and their whole yard and the shacks they live on are hidden behind boards-you cant see anything. I am sick of waiting hours in the Er because they are all in their for coughs (allot of TB positive people), and other ailments that are paid for by tax payers. My kids suffer at school because they do so much catering to the non-English speaking students which takes away from my kids education. I am sick of them and my government. They flaunt their illegal behavior in my face and I just want to scream! My mother came her from Canada and she became AMERICAN to the bone. You never saw her fly a Canadian flag, she cried when Kennedy was assassinated, and her brothers all served in the United States military. I love my country but I hate what government and illegal are doing to her. CP California


I live in north Carolina I have been a framing carpenter for 20 years now that the economy has slowed the only people that have work are the illegals . I wish we had a camera to photograph these people running the border because for some reason when they get here there criminal status has disappeared. they need to go. in my opinion this is the great conspiracy they have undermined our economy at the foundation level sent our wealth to Venezuela and got us borrowing from the Chinese .they have put Americans out of work. when are Americans going to join together and fight this .before it is to late 

Here is a comment from one of those people that tries to play the race card and tries to compare citizens that are against criminal law breakers to Nazis ! Well that will not work here, we do not cave in, apologize or stop our fight for the  ultimate goal which is to enforce the laws of this country, and to punish every criminal law breaker.  Here is the comment "I thought, when I came into this site, that it would be an unbiased reference to news and updates. Now I see that it is a place where the new American NAZI is rising.

its terrible that someone can commit a crime and receive rewards for it  by having there children become citizens . If you break into a house and have a baby you still are a criminal its the same thing .So get  your child and go  to the place you left . and enter in  legally

Amazing how every presidential candidate now is trying to show how tough he is on illegal immigration and denying any pro illegal immigration position he took in the past. Of course I'm talking about Republicans like McCain, Guliani and Romney, Hopefully when one of them is elected they will not go back to their old habits, which I'm sure they will, Politicians will do and say anything until they are elected and then... On the other side Democrats are a hopeless case on this issue, not even worth Mentioning, I believe it is time for a third party candidate that will represent the people of this country without worrying about party loyalty or, political correctness . A N Los Angeles, CA

When politicians go from working in a position of representation of the people, and are then allowed to become lobbyist who represent foreign governments, and corporate entities who have power and money and influence to buy congressional representation there is nothing that can succeed against them which will make a true democracy work. Immigration exists for the benefit of corporations, who have created the conditions where the people must move to sustain life.  We should see that this is happening here, as we see that jobs are pursued wherever they are now, and to make a living moving is the only answer.  We become migrants within our own country due the corporations seeking the cheapest labor.  MI jd

I happen to be in convenience store in Spartanburg, SC, when two Mexican gentlemen came into the store to  buy a case of beer and two pkg of sunflower seeds.  The Cashier ask them for IDs for the beer, they proudly pull out Mexican IDs,  and threw it on the counter.  The cashier polite said, "I can't take this type of ID, they left the store shaking their head. 
How bold can you, by pulling out Mexican IDs, knowing that you have broken laws, by crossing into another country, without permission.

Those politicians in Washington are just relentless and hard working, aren't  they? Not to represent the American citizens that elected them to do so, but to represent and reward citizens of other countries that broke our laws, continue to break our laws and stick their thumbs in our eyes. How many times are they going to try to pass some kind or amnesty to illegals and lose? The latest try by Harry Reid and other traitors to sneak in the dream act amnesty  after 5 previous failures shows that those people are just plain traitors and should be thrown out of office the next elections. AN California

Our politicians, in all the infinite wisdom, have sold out the American people.  OUR taxes pay for the education, medical, housing, and other social services of illegal immigrants.  I am a democrat, I am for helping the less fortunate ONLY IF THEY ARE LEGAL.  People who have worked and paid taxes to build this country cannot get the medicine they need, live in public housing because they can no longer afford the property taxes, eat a poor diet...where is the respect for our SENIOR CITIZENS.  We need to take care of our own...we are closing hospitals, our schools are over crowded, our children are learning option for another language.  I read, listen to the politicians an I shake my are selling this country...THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD...down the tubes.  Texas hospitals don't even ask for any information for pregnant illegal immigrants...all services are free...more babies...more welfare...America a good country...everything here FREE...we give, give, give,...and there are those (from all over) to take, take, take.  You want to come to The United States of America you come with RESPECT for this country...I believe it was President John F. Kennedy who said, "Don't Ask What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country." Make The United States of America your country by coming here legally! This is a country of HARD WORKING LEGAL IMMIGRANTS...there were no hand outs. Then, we have companies who hire illegal immigrants to work for less than minimum wage...illegals will work for $2.00 an companies tell the government that legal immigrants do not want to work menial jobs...of course not for $2.00 an hour. Breaking up families...illegal immigrants break up their own families...we American will not take responsibility for that. Someone (how many people in Congress?) in Congress needs to take a stand...someone with backbone...N. are quickly lowering the number of democrats with your attention getting statements...asinine! S.O., N.J.

Wake up People.. do you really want to know why they are ignoring the laws that already exist. it is because of the illegal immigrants...the more that come, the more that will vote (illegally of course with improper documentation) for the representatives of each state...before you know it and, it might already be too late, is that they will have a larger say in on our government than we as Legal Americans do, which will eventually allow them the amnesty that they are seeking.  And, will turn our wonderful country, as we use to know it, into a second or third world country. M/Texas

I just read all the comments that people wrote most of them I could swear I wrote myself because it sounded like something I have said. The only thing that is going to stop the politicians is not vote for them whoever votes for anything regarding immigration unless of course it is to get rid of them we must not let them win. Mostly all the the candidates for President are for immigration there has to be something to it that we don't know about. Could it be money in their pockets? They are the most corrupt human beings and they have to be shown who runs this country and it ain't them. Let's all fight for our country. Go Team USA!!!!  Karin d California

The Republican Party needs to give Bush a vote of no confidence.  Bush keeps our borders open for one reason, the North American Union, which some still think is a conspiracy theory. Bush is selling out this Country out and it's costing the Tax payers a lot of money.  T. W  Fort Myers Beach Florida

It is sickening when Bush refers to this country as a nation of laws, apparently be cherry picks the ones he chooses to enforce.  This amnesty is very bad for America and should be stopped by the American people.  We pay his salary but it is very obvious he has no regard for the wishes of the American people.  He is a traitor and should be impeached.

There is only one way to stop this. Sue your state along with all your representatives of congress for allowing your hard tax dollars to be used to help illegal aliens with health, education, and other public services. They have no right to aid and abed these illegals. If this does not change things. Go into your employers H.R. department and put your dependants to 15 like they do to recoup some of your funds back. Face it they lie, cheat, break the law and nothing happens to them. The only thing that will get your states attention is to hurt them with money. Stop paying them. Since they are not paying taxes and ripping all these benefits why shouldn't the American citizens. S.L. illinois

Mr Bush and all his fellow criminal people need to leave office and go live South of the pretend Border.
We the people no longer have a say, He had the border opened when WE the PEOPLE said no and it has been opened anyway. I would hope his mother is ashamed of him I know I am. JB/Ky


I always love the bleeding heart argument about keeping families together. "We should let them stay so we don't split up their family". Well, obviously they left family behind when they left their home country, became criminals by entering the US illegally, remain criminals by breathing our air, and then commit more crime by smuggling in their families they left behind. Lets reunite families, send the illegals home to their families, along with their citizen spouses who are, without a doubt, aware of their illegals spouse's status, and therefore criminals themselves. It's called aiding and abetting. CF, Texas

I believe we, the United States of American has passed the point of no return, and those who will benefit of an open border will prevail and that in the near future the sovernity of our Nation will no longer be.  The North American Union is in the process of becoming a reality. Pres. Bush and Pres. V. Fox set us on this course, and open borders was one of the stipulations. This has been in process for years that is why there has not been a stop of illegals into the USA of any one from any, that is any country, even those who could be terrorist,  Globalization is being promoted by our Government and the Catholic Church, and others, and to this end open borders are needed.  This is no longer a Government by the people, of the people, for the people.  RCM, Washington State

It sickens me when an illegal does not know the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration and then uses this as their defense.  Also if they only come here to work, then why are they committing crimes such as identity theft, rape, burglary, carjacking, murder, drive by shootings, etc., etc.  98% of our local police blotter is Mexican. Legal or illegal, I'm not sure.  Just tired of the in your face attitude.  I know that if I came from a country that refused to give me a decent wage and fair housing, I would not insist on their language and their flag.  Donna/CA

While most may disagree with this bill, there are important aspects to consider.  First and foremost is that families are being torn apart by having no immigration reform legislation passed.  Illegal immigrants who, other than entering illegally, have no criminal offenses, convictions should be allowed to adjust their status from within the US, especially if they are faithfully married to a US citizen spouse, or if they have a US citizen child.  Sure, there are aspects of this bill that are disturbing and angering to some, but preserving families should be important to every American. M.NavaAbingdon, VA

I am a black man that has always voted democrat and wondered how a few of my black friends could ever vote Republican.  I now see why.  I am very disgusted that the senators from CA support this legislation as well as most of the democratic presidential hopefuls.  The democrats no longer have my support or vote.  JL, CA.

The Republican Party needs to give Bush a vote of no confidence.  Bush keeps our borders open for one reason, the North American Union, which some still think is a conspiracy theory.  Arizona/ SN

Unbelievable!  Current laws should be enforced and the politicians should listen to voters.  Maybe all Americans should revolt and not pay any taxes, dicontinue health insurance, decline auto insurance and sell our SS numbers to the highest illegal bidder.  This bill will RUIN the United States.  Maybe US Citizens should move to Mexico

Tell Sen. Feinsten & Congresswoman Zoe Loftgren NO to their latest illegal give away of our tax dollars: The Dream Act. Federal Financial Aid, and preferential citizenship to illegal students. And demand our law makers pass a law in the next couple of months doing away with anchor babies. Once that is done, demand they abolish entitlements etc. Push these representatives who are not acting for Americans, but for big business and illegals. If they don't do as they are told. vote them out.  Elaine B. CA

Now all congress and president Bush needs to do is pursue the law as it is written. Build the 700 mile fence and I prefer a fence like the Israelis have that can't be climed over. NO VIRTUAL fence. Enforce strict(er) fines against businesses that hire illegal aliiens. Dryu up the work and they'll go home on their own. Immediately deport them as they are caught at the border, no waiting and NO RELEASE UNTIL A HEARING IS DONE. DN Murphy, TX 

This bill has so many convulsed items in it. It is obvious the creators are trying to fool the American people. Do they really think the American citizen is so ignorant that they can't see the immigrants will be having more rights than them. Who is going to pay for all this? The middle-class have been paying so much already, they are tapped out. Maybe if we all left the country and came back as an illegal immigrant, we could eat, sleep and live without worrying about taxes, gas prices, wages that don't match our current cost of living, not having social security when we retire, etc. I thought we had to worry about terrorists outside of our country not working inside the buildings in Washington D.C. SG

What do we do to make our voices heard? Are only lawbreakers and cheats given a voice in this government? PLEASE devote one of your newsletters to some real directives to tell us how to get the ear of Congress. I've already written the senators and reps of my state, making clear that they have just lost my vote for the next round, and that it is clear they care nothing for the LEGAL residents and citizens of this country. I guarantee you, they ignored my voice, just like water draining through a sieve. This country is bleeding - being sold down the river by greedy, ignorant politicians. Oregon JF

Unfortunately the Senators in my state approve of law breakers.  They pay no attention to the voters. My vote is to enforce the laws already on the books, Until the idiots are out of office. JD RI 

There are laws regulating immigration on the books now.  Do not attempt to pass new laws until the Federal Government demonstrates it can enforce the existing laws. JAR from WI

Passage of this would bring the most catastrophic in this country in the last 150 years. Ray Al.

please do not support this bill, those illegal people need to be sent back to there own country, and do things the right way. they are destroying our economy by driving down wages and not paying any taxes but they get our health benefits and support in living at our expense and that is just not fair or right for us to support them when they shouldn't be here in the first place. please support the working American families by safe guarding living wages and benefits and safeguarding our resources, environment, and economy. please help put American families back to work instead of legalizing illegal aliens. why not put all this energy into improving wages and opportunities for American families. those that are here illegal broke our LAWS with criminal intent and deception, please dont reward something bad with something good. thank you CW  Kentucky 

No amnesty bill.  Enforce our current immigration law to the letter at work places and port and border entries. Arizona BMC

I think it will bring the country to poverty and we will have to spread our wings to more give away medical, welfare, food stamps.   Sometimes I feel that I should be illegal to be able to get health insurance, wic, dental instead of paying for my children's health insurance and child care, and food.   I am not sure where Bush is taking us? To be honest I do not think that he knows himself!!!!I have at least 100 couples that they make good money and they are illegal and get all the welfare treatment!  Oh well that is what the U.S. Government wants!!!! Sincerely, A Hispanic woman that works two jobs and never used welfare system or my poor parents!!  My suggestion is do not give a new reform and if they do they should do a thorough back ground check on all the benefits that they used and evaluate if they are worth to have them in this country!!!! 

The bill S-1348 is just a waste of time and money.  Enforcing our current immigration laws to the letter at work places, punish employers for hiring illegal workers and enforcing our 1986 immigration laws at border or port of entries strictly will discourage illegal immigrants.  Arizona, BMC

Completely opposed to this bill as it is written.  The border must be secured before any other considerations are brought to the table. Steve J. FL

The President, can not remove 12 million or more illegals.It is simple stop the free programs. stop the money, How is they can live better on nothing and it takes everything i make? Its because a different standard of living. take away money and they will deport them selves it is clear that the government does not want to do this. GA.

the bill is Nonsense and i am offended by illegal people in America this should be stopped at all cost they can get maids and grounds keepers here at home it is slavery no matter what they say are gov is lying too us we must take a stand too keep our America if you dont speak the language get out if i offend you too bad

I'm sick of the politicians in Washington including President bush on this immigration nightmare. Kick the bums out. Don N., Murphy, TX

They need to hurry and finish this bill so people could start their lives

Our congressman & women were elected by US citizens not illegal immigrants.  Vote for closing our borders and making the people who are breaking the law leave.  You should not be allowed to come here illegally, give birth for free and then say you are a citizen because of your child.  Mexico would not let a US citizen have that right.  We need to get a back bone and stand up for what is right for the people who are legal citizens. Franklin, CA

No "BILL" is needed. Secure the U.S. borders now in accordance with Constitutional Law, and all the Illegal Aliens must leave the U.S. now. The "BILL",

S 1348 is a sham. President Bush & Senators actions are deceit & lies, AND they tried to pass this "BILL" secretly

I'm a tax paying American work all my adult life. paid my taxies obey the law and for what? so none American gets all the benefits. we build this country but the gov. gives it away, now i am for helping others but there comes a time when we need to take a stand.  H.B GA

If we don't stop this madness in Washington now, I'm afraid we never will.  Let's vote all of them out and start over.  So far, Huckabee from Arizona sounds good.  Need to do more research on him.  If he is the one we need to help him with campaign funding.

I will not vote for any politician that supports this bill. In fact, I will actively support opposition to them.  DM--TX

We need this immigration reform!!!!!

It's time for a taxpayer revolution in this country. Dave R. NM


This bill must not pass! No one in their right mind would pass this bill. Raleigh NC


I think this is outrageous! They will destroy this country and no one will follow any rule of law!

Reports are surfacing that Jorge' Bush has not given up on his push for AMNESTY. He is planning to "lunch" with Republicans on the Hill next Tuesday in an attempt to garner support and bring the bill up for debate once again. If he succeeds, there will be an outcry of anger the likes of which America has seldom, if ever, seen before. Dave R. New Mexico


This bill is a slap in the face to all US Citizens who are being counted as second class citizens in their own country.  Iowa, my state, has been inundated by illegal aliens and in many cases recruited by unscrupulous employers more intent on the bottom line than in the employment of US citizens.  I have had occasion, as a retired peace officer and ex Border Patrol officer to become involved with the questioning of these illegals and have found both illegal documents and of course no documents on these persons. I finished up my career working with the DHS Child Support Enforcement division and know that many of the alleged fathers I dealt with were Juan Garcia's from Mexico and they all had the same names and locations in Mexico.  In other words there is no way to locate and serve the necessary papers on these individuals so Iowa will be raising these children and the illegal will continue in the US working and living with impunity.  This bill will serve no purpose other than to further create another expense for the US citizen.  I am currently teaching Criminal Justice studies at a Community College and just the other day visited with an illegal alien, from San Luis Potosi, SLP., Mexico who crossed illegally with the help of un Coyote through one of my stations, Laredo Texas.  He and family crossed illegally  abut 6 years ago but had to leave when Immigration did raid the factory where his father and uncle were working.  No problem because they knew of employers in this area that were hiring and came here about 1 month ago, went right to work and are now setting up housekeeping here.  It's easy!  Let's reward criminal activity by these folks, provide them with amnesty, and sit back and wait for the millions of others who will be encouraged by this act of lunacy and also come across illegally.   Thanks,  Bruce  L.   IOWA

To all senators who voted against this bill, all I can say is, your all bunch of no good politicians, you say no to this, but you have no idea or alternatives what to do with 12 millions illegal immigrants in the country'


I will not vote for any politician who support this now or in the future  AT NC

The senators who voted for this bill are traitors to this country.  Bush is a traitor to his party.  AZ

But let's not stop here.  Let's keep going and insist that the laws that are on the books be enforced.  For example, when this new amnesty program was being proposed and the sponsors were trying to gather support, the suddenly found that they had a program that would enable employers to check the status of each employee.  We should insist that this unfilled promise from 1986 be kept.  That was to be the "cornerstone" of the 1986 IRCA.  Continue with workplace raids.  We need to push really hard to force ICE to uphold our immigration laws.  R. K Colorado Springs, CO

Greetings:  The  Comprehensive Immigration Legislation failed for many reasons;  The primary reason was because  the misguided politicians refused to consider what the legal citizen deemed necessary.  NO AMNESTY! Secondly, the Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, failed in his responsibility by not permitting further discussion and the inclusion of essential amendments needing consideration.  His rush to judgment was a misguided attempt to "jam" the bill down the throats  of people smarter than himself. The way the Cornyn amendment was forestalled in favor of a later drafted amendment by Senator Kennedy seems to indicate some form of political collusion. The constant resubmitting of amendments  by Senator Menendez of New Jersey , which dealt with his own political agenda "chain migration" for endless numbers of his and other family members, should not have been tolerated by the Majority Leader or by the floor manager, Ted Kennedy.  But of course, they are members of the same party.E.J. Shafer  La Mesa, CA

I wouldn't start the celebration just yet.  Along with many of you, I have phoned, faxed and emailed my senators to express my opposition to this horrendous hodgepodge of a bill that betrays every citizen of this country as well as citizens of other countries who are waiting to come here the legal way.  I'm watching C-Span now.  Senators Kennedy, Kyl,Graham and Spector just gave a press conference to whine about the opponents of this bill  dragging their feet about passing it. Senator Graham said, "We are going to pass this bill.  Make no mistake about it.  The votes are there."  Senator Feinstein was also there and said that the American people are only opposed to this bill because we have been unnecessarily alarmed by conservative talk show hosts, etc. who are saying that this is an amnesty bill. Senator Feinstein says that people opposed to this bill don't know what's in it.  Well, I have read it in its entirety! Folks, you can read the bill at and do a search for S. 1348. The giveaways in this bill are just incredible. All illegals will gain legal status within 24 hours of applying. Do you guys know that there is no national criminal database in Mexico like there is here in the USA? How do you do criminal background checks in 24 hours?  Also, taxpaying US citizens will pay--yes PAY--the legal fees so mexican citizens can see an immigration lawyer for free. They will not have to pay the back taxes they owe, only 3 years worth, even if they have been here for 20 years. Mexican gang members will be given amnesty if they renounce their gang affiliation. I can just see them laughing as they sign whatever piece of paper will get them US citizenship. Here's another biggee that's not being talked about.  In Section 413, the US will help the Mexican government to strengthen education and job training, and the US will increase healthcare access for the poor in Mexico.  Hey, how about increasing healthcare access for the poor right here in the USA. Here's another good one:  A criminal will be eligible for amnesty and citizenship if they only commit ONE FELONY or 3 MISDEMEANORS not counting any immigration offenses. You see, we apparently don't have enough criminals of our own...we need to import them from Mexico.  I could go on and on about everything in this piece of shit bill! -Trish in Texas

The battle IS NOT over.  We need to keep pressing the traitors: Clinton, Obama  RF from Annapolis, Maryland. 

This bill is wrong for America. Tom Tancredo is right when he says to enforce the laws that we already have. Al in TEXAS

GOOD JOB! Thanks for your terrific efforts!!  But watching them is like watching two year olds......can't stop watching them for a minute or they will destroy something....(like the country!)  MEB

The question was posed below regarding why President Bush wished this horrible bill to pass, and while I am deeply conservative and vehemently opposed the "Amnesty Horror", I understand President Bush et al are working to implement The North American Union [NAU] to be a reality  within a couple of years. I refer you to Cliff Kincaid's writings from [aim=accuracy in media] for clear insight into this coming reality, as well as Giulliani's role in the coming Super Highway to span from the Mexican border of Texas up to the Canadian border! S.P CA

I am opposed to any immigration bill that does anything other than close the border, cut off government services to illegals, and begins attempting to deport them. There should be some exceptions for the immediate families of children born in the U.S., i.e. their parents and siblings. We should not be concerned about grandparents, cousins, etc. We put a man on the moon for crying out loud. We can surely deport several million people over the next 10-20 years. Mike G. Mississippi

Whomever votes for this bill from my state will lose my vote, simple as that....CV Missouri

If this bill passes WE should and will stop PAYING TAXES

I live in Georgia and I do not want the Amnesty Bill approved.  The US citizens want the borders protected.  We should ship all illegals back, build a fence and if someone would like to enter our country do it the legal path.  I believe we do have enough workers to replace the illegal ones, in the event I am wrong and there are not enough us/legal immigrants to perform manual labor I suggest we tap into the prisons and use convicted convicts for labor.  Obviously we would not use murders.  BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS SECURE OUR BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!LIKE WE WERE PROMISED 

It stinks. It is a back stab to every working, tax paying American. Any one that supports this bill should be voted out of office. How about term limits folks 2 terms they are out! They get the same retirement and health care we get. What do you say? McCain has the gall to run for President when he can't even take care of this problem in his own state. He, Kyle, Bush, Kennedy, Graham to name a few are a disgrace to our nation. They all need to go. I will NOT SUPPORT ANY PARTY THAT SUPPORTS THIS BILL, IT IS WRONG FOR AMERICA AND AMERICAN'S

This bill is a total SELLOUT of Americans. It's horrible to think that illegals will be rewarded for their behavior. They need to go!

This proposed bill is a disgrace.  We can not and should not burden this economy with 12 million illegal aliens.  I do not want to support these illegal aliens who only take and do not help support our government through taxes.  They will bankrupt this country and deprive us of services we have earned and worked for.  No one should be given a free ride and should have to apply like all other aplicants.  Send these people back to Mexico and let their corrupt government support their own citizens.  Anyone who votes for this bill should be voted out of office. Thank God Alabama's Senators have good sense and know this bill should not be passed in its present form if at all. mbt AL

'I think this bill will be the end of the republican party if not this country."   DS AZ.

"I'm tried of seeing illegal  immigrants living better then many Americans. I'm a small business owner in residential cleaning doing my best to do everything right including paying my taxes. It makes me sick to my stomach to see them driving their SUV'S, pregnant, and standing in line counting out $600.00 to send back to Mexico". Rhonda of Alabama

"Kill the Bill!! Enforce and  strengthen the laws & policies we already have. I'm sick to death of having my tax dollars spent to educate and provide medical aide to children or adults that have come or been brought here illegally (that can't even speak our language!) while some of our own citizens are doing without. Send them all home, that doesn't need to break up families, they can take their families right back home too! Relieving the American citizens and tax payers of the further burden of their support. Close our borders to anything other than legal immigrants, and its way past time to toughen up the requirements for that. No more automatic citizenship for babies born here of illegal aliens. Every immigrant must pass basic English tests, even for temporary work visas, and have sponsors willing to be financially responsible for any social services (educational, medical, welfare, ect) they might need. These expenses should never have to paid for by the general American citizens tax dollars, we have enough of our own to be cared for. Any future immigrants who don't like our tightened polices, simply have the "right" to stay home, they certainly have no "rights" here!!!  SJS, CO 

Political Power Through Illegal Immigration!  Illegal immigrants have been pouring across our borders for twenty years.  The children of illegal immigrants are that are born in the United States are automatically American citizens ,i.e. voters when when they reach the age of 18.  I have never seen a number placed on this group.  It has to be huge.  It increases every year, of course.  Now we are talking about granting citizenship to between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants.  Jus how do you suppose these two groups of people, anchor babies and illegal immigrants, will vote on politicians and issues sympathetic to illegal immigrants?  1348 stinks.    Dual Citizenship.  When we think about new citizens, we usually think of images of new citizens waving the American flag, with loyalties only to the United States.  Welcome new citizens!  But today that image is not reality.  The majority of the illegal immigrants that would be provided a path to citizenship under Senate bill 1348 will be eligible for dual citizenship.  They would retain citizenship to their native lands even if they become American citizenship.  50% Americans? rek    Colorado

If a person is in our country illegally, that person has committed a crime.  As a lawbreaker, that person should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  The very least of which, that person should be deported from our country.  Should a person elect to enter our country legally, pledge allegiance to our country obey our laws, learn and use our language and customs, pay his taxes and become a citizen, I welcome that person and that person will have my full support.  DMcB   Alaska

I think the bill is unfair. We couldn't go to their country illegally set up house and expect to become citizens without becoming legal first. I feel like they are taking away from the poor in our country by using our healthcare system, not paying taxes, and taking all of the low paying jobs. In my state is becoming harder to get any job unless you know Spanish. How crazy is that? We are accommodating them. I get mad when I call any company and it says press one to hear this in English. When did we get another language here in America? Learn the language or go home where you can talk to all. This whole bill of giving citizenship to illegals is not right. Let the legal citizens vote and see how far you get with this bill. I know most of the people in my state would vote NO! Pay a fine and get citizenship how easy is that? Way to easy. GP Ga.

"I think we are being sold out, know lots of people who have lost their work because illegals. e are tax paying Americans and we are sick of how our country is being run!!!!!!!"

"We do not need this absurd bill we just need to enforce the laws we already have and put up the fencing that has already been approved.   American citizens have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to those who cross our borders illegally. However businesses that hire them do so they should be forced to pay them fat severance packages and then they need to be deported and never ever allowed admittance back in to the US again as punishment for coming here illegally in the first place."    P.C   Texas

"I've been a democrat for my whole life, but I will definitely vote for whoever comes down hard on illegal immigration.  The Democratic Party has lost my vote for this next election.  They are pandering for the hispanic vote and ignoring the will of the American people.  Good luck in the next election."

"I am a 50 year old tax paying, law abiding American citizen with 20 years of military service. I have celebrated every birthday and grieved every loss on this soil and it sickens me to think that the American Dream I have worked for my entire life is being given away to anyone who makes a conscious decision to break our laws".  JTW, Ohio

I think that those senators who will sign this bill  should be impeached. The illegal immigrants have invaded our country. The illegal immigrants have declared war on the American Worker. They are a Trojan Horse in the United States. The senators have worn to upon the constitution but. The should be something that we can do to get those senators out of office.   How can they approve something like this bill while our soldiers are in another country trying to uphold a democracy when them are trying to stump all over us. I know that this is effecting our troops. They are fight for a democracy for other countries and our senators a given away this country.   I read a statement that one illegal immigrants make. He said that he was making $150 per week. He says he sending most of that money to his wife and their 8 children. He then says he has other children that he sends money as well. So just how many illegal immigrants have that many children. His parents where not mentioned in this total. According to this satanic compromised illegal immigrant debacle would allow this man who makes $3.75 and hour.   Oh! by the way he lives with his nephew. Can you imagine that. He would be bringing as many as 15 people into this country. How many other men are in this same situation. He probably has made some children here since he is so fertile.   What will happen to all of those people if the economy turns down and people get wise and start saving their money instead of going out to dinner and supporting the illegal immigrants. If the products that they make or prepare is sold they can't be paid. We have control of our money. Since the senate would  pay any attention to what the voters say we have got to do something.   We need to start saving our money into of buying this junk the corporate America is making in other countries.   That' s amazing the American people have supported corporate America and made them rich. The thanks we get is the company move to foreign countries and they hire foreign worker in sweat shops. They sent that junk back the United States for us to buy. Then they bring in the illegal immigrants to push our wages down and take away our jobs. Then our housing cost goes up. Who will be able to pay the rent or the mortgage.  here will all of these people live?  SHI IN.

This is the beginning of the end of America as we the citizens know it. So many illegals not enough law enforcement and to many in congress giving our country away. We are on a path to Nation Suicide with the way congress and the way President Bush  runs this country. Wake up. We the legal citizen [workers] cannot afford to give all it all away. Let the illegals fight the wars, work for more illegals to come in, pay taxes  while I sit back PAY NO TAXES AND SIT ON MY A**. Let them experience how it is when they are the ones working for a country that does not give a sh** no more about their countries freedom. The congressmen that support illegal aliens should all be run out Washington. I am personally ashame of my congressmen from Florida for supporting illegals. My family fought in 3 wars for this country I am urging my grandsons NOT TO FIGHT if the country is run like this with the Congress and the President  attitude towards illegals. Whats to fight for more Congressmen and the President lining their pockets with money  tax dollars meant for you and me.  President Bush has alienated us from the World oil producers to inflate the oil prices in this country. Over half of his cabinet is involved in BIG OIL doesn't that tell you something. Until we give this country a complete hysterectomy in Congress  and the presidency we will continue to loose our rights and freedoms as citizens of this once great country. RPG  BRANDON, FLORIDA    

"A breeze of change is blowing thru America. The change will be to regain control of America by social revolution and stopping the illegal Aliens at the border." Tx GR

"Give me a break, Boy if go to another country illegally do you think they would just say "you've been here for how long, you have a child here, oh I'm sorry even though you came here illegally I don't want to break up a family, so for a fee and $5,000 you can stay and go for citizenship, oh and by the way you don't speak the language, oh no problem we will talk to you in your language and let you fill out forms in your own language so you will understand No need to learn the language" Come on people, as soon as they cross the borders they are breaking a law. They knew it as soon as one foot crossed (even before) And what about the triggers this bill is talking about, who's going to pay for them? most likely the law abiding, tax paying American citizen an how long before these triggers are in play? I agree this is a form of Amnesty and if congress passes this, the ones that have voted for it should lose they job not only are they selling out America, but they are not listening to the people that are paying their salaries. Thank you, a legal born, law abiding, tax paying American citizen". MP, IL USA

"Big business wants cheap labor so that they can keep working class Americanís wages down, and the Democrat party wants the votes of the illegal aliens when they are granted amnesty and gain citizenship.  The Hispanic supremacist groups want an unending supply of new Hispanics entering our country so that they can gain even more political power, and Mexico can reclaim the southwestern U.S. states for a greater Mexican empire called Aztlan. The plan is called La Reconquista and it is taught in Mexican schools. They are the true racists, not the patriotic Americans who oppose the Bush/Kennedy/McCain amnesty bill.    We can secure our border by building a stout fence along most of the US/Mexican border and by using a virtual fence in other areas. In addition, we need to keep the National Guard there and give them the authority to arrest illegals and to use whatever force is necessary. This new amnesty bill in the Senate will not lead to a secure border, as it cuts the length of the border fence in half. Passage of this bill would be a complete betrayal of the American people.  There is still time to stop this awful bill from becoming law. Contact your reps, the presidential candidates, write letters to the editor, and talk to your friends and relatives about this awful legislation. It must be stopped.
Robert L   South Carolina

 "I think this bill is a sell out of the American people. While living in AZ, I repeatedly wrote McCaine and Kyl that I opposed any form of amnesty. I have done the same here in OH also.  I served in three of the major wars to protect this country and feel betrayed that our government is giving it away". SCW OH.

"Sen. Wyden, Democrats are soiling their own nest by supporting amnesty for twelve million illegal aliens. remember 2008,is payback time     Sen. Smith, You had the opportunity to do something good for the American worker, but chose amnesty for illegal aliens instead.Hopefully,2008 will be payback time. C.A  Salem, Oregon"

Has Bush and the supporters on the illegals gone mad?  These illegals have not paid their dues.  I wish them well but the US is overwhelmed by problems with our own citizens.  What about the African Americans that have worked so hard for the American dream only to have the illegals step in front of them.  We don't know who the illegals are.  They can have as many alias as they can phone Mexico and have a friend back there to send them. They can bottom out the social security program.  This is frightening.  . Also what about the anchor babies.  Why allow this to happen when it is clear that this is fraud?  Why not rescind citizenship retroactive in these cases.  Wake up Americans, this is the fall of our country.  In addition, Kennedy and Bush must be getting kick backs in the millions on this deal.
"This is the very best way to get an "Independent" party started in the United States! Neither side sticks up for Americans!   Minnesota."

"If this bill passes, I will be boycotting any candidate that supports it, in the 08 Presidential Election". AR NY

"Makes being a veteran senseless, what are we fighting for. We are loosing our sovereignty"

"It is no good, these members of congress should be voted out of congress" JL Calif


"they did the right thing what the hell is wrong with u editor if this country was build on redneck like u it would be called a weed farm land dumbass think again beforeu think . who know who ur daughter is fk**g check again might be a mexicanooo ha ha hahaa"

"Without elaborating, this S-1348 by changing some wording by the "wordsmith" Kennedy is simply amnesty as his failed amnesty bill of 1986 was of securing the borders and having control of illegal aliens crossing the border. Strip away the gloss of penalties, touchbacks etc and you have amnesty once more".  Norm MASS

"Greed is the engine that runs this country. These so called politicians are merely looking out for themselves. They don't give a damn about American Citizens or their country." MEB MASS


"This bill violates everything that we stand for. This country is about security, jobs and a nation of laws. The answer is not more  immigration but enforcement of the laws and less immigration".


Hoorah for Republican Congressman Bilbray from California,
 "We need to do employer enforcement. That's not what they've been doing enough of, and that's where we need to crack down on." TB ALABAMA


"Passage of the Kennedy amnesty bill is a betrayal of everything this country stands for:
** It betrays the American worker.
** It causes tremendous hardship to America's minorities.
** It will bankrupt the safety net of social services upon which so many Americans depend for their very survival.** and, it does little or nothing to secure our nation from terrorists who, today, can and probably are crossing our borders whenever they choose. This bill is nothing but an irresponsible scheme cooked up by the multinational corporations to exploit cheap immigrant labor.  You should be ashamed that the U.S. Senate is even considering such an outrageous piece of legislation.
 It is the height of hypocrisy to open the doors to 20 million Mexicans while keeping the door closed to real victims of torture and oppression.  This bill mocks everything America stands for. I urge you to resist the pressure from the White House and from the Senate leadership to support Sen. Kennedy's thinly veiled amnesty for uncounted millions of illegal aliens and their families. Be honest!  You won't even have a chance to learn about what is actually in the bill until after it has passed -- and then it will be too late for America. You can save our country; save your job; and ensure that our grandchildren will be able to grow up in the same kind of America that we were able to enjoy. Vote NO on any and all amnesty bills.  Instead, seal our borders against drugs, disease and terrorism and empower our police forces to weed out millions of criminal aliens currently living in America. I will remember in November -- or as long as it takes." Thank you. SAW MO

"Any uncivilized selfish person whomed is against immigrants rights needs to realize that this greatful country is establish of immigrants which includes your ancestors (the reason you are here).  I feel sorry for people like you in not been moraly raised.  With that in mind, if you are not a native American, shut the heidis up!" CT TEXAS

"this bill is a cold slap in the face to the American people, especially to the American blacks. Let us not talk about the hatian immigrants that were sent back when they tried to come here. as Richard Pryor said a number of years ago, that white people are trying to get them some new Ns.  Our European background government is and has always been sellouts to this country which they had stolen anyway."

"Some in Congress are saying that the new immigration reform will "break up families". If we did not allow "anchor babies" this would not be an issue.  The pregnant women who cross the border just to have American children know the risks of deportation and should accept the consequences.  A part of immigration reform should stop this practice of anchor babies!" JW, Colorado

" I do not want another bush type in 08. no to Mckenedy! yes to Tancredo in08!a perfect time for tom Tancredo to take over with his prez campaign. Bush is a total sell out, and should hang his head in shame, along with several other senators and congressmen. it is very easy to bribe 600 senators and congressmen! just do the math. these old farts our selling us, our grandchildren, our grandchild, down the river! nothing in our lifetime has ever been so obvious. STOP THE UNOPPOSED INVASION!"

"you can argue all you want on illegal immigration but facts are facts! If you argue against facts it only shows that you side with corporate America and the interest of cheap labor. There is no argument period!! Just choose a side and working class America WILL BE watching. I suggest you choose wisely." thank you S.D.P."

" I am a legal residents of This country, but i opposed  Amnesty for the 12 million Illegals that never pay taxes nor contribute anything to our country. It lowers the quality of every American and the politicians were nothing but a bunch of CROOKS! " LG SC,USA

"Florida Senators-Both of these clowns will support amnesty for illegals and much, much more.  I wrote them anyway. Senator Nelson /Martinez, I am requesting you NOT support this amnesty bill for illegal. These people have broken our immigration laws and they know it.
They absolutely have no concern or respect for this country, other than what they can get out of it.  If they want to come here, and they really cared for the US and the, people within, they would come through proper channels, the same way I would go to their country, even if it was to work." FL

"I am absolutely furious about this amnesty bill. HOW DARE THEY! Let's start with enforcing laws on the books and building the fence.
I am grateful to be represented by two senators who put America first before the corrupt government of Mexico". CJP Alabama

"If illegal immigrants only want to work, why are they being offered citizenship. Give them a permit to work and if they want to be citizens they should be required to go home, apply and wait like everyone else does. The cost of this bill will be on our children and grandchildren and it sickens me. George Soros will have his brown America and the Dems will have power for years to come. This will destroy our Republic." JM New Jersey

"Any elected official that votes yes on this so called immigration bill should be voted out of office. I will do everything in my power to make this happen". HK. CA

"This bill is amnesty for people who have broke the Law.  The Borders should be closed first.  Illegal should return home and apply as the current law requires.  When the borders are under control, then a Guest Worker program would make sense.  There simply is a huge disconnect between the Politicians and the People of America. This proposed bill is ridiculous."                   

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