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A Open Letter From the Editor

To President Bush About His Guest Worker (Amnesty) Program.


President Bush had made it his mission  to ignore the wish of the people of this country by giving it away on a silver platter to Mexico and other third world countries from central and south America by turning a blind eye on millions and millions of their citizens that broke the law and illegally crossed the borders into our country, in fact Mr. Bush not only turned a blind eye but actually is working very hard to reward those law breakers by pushing congress  to pass a law giving all 12 million of them Amnesty and eventually citizenship. of course Mr. Bush like most other politicians think that the American people are stupid and brain dead he keeps repeating over and over that his GUEST Worker program is not amnesty but just a TEMPORARY job offer after which the foreign worker will go back to his or her country, OH Yeah! Mr. president why would they go back? Who will make them? The same incompetent people that let 12 million of them in? How about the babies they will have while working here aren't they American citizens, you think their parents will leave them behind? What a scam you and some of your party politicians are trying to pull on us. Your Homeland security department does not have the will or the guts to do anything to millions of criminals using phony social security numbers and fakes IDs to obtain jobs and privileges illegally what would you do to those so called guest workers when it is time for them to leave now that they would have had real social security cards and real ID's since they would have worked and lived here legally for 3 for 6 years as  so called guests.........Shame on you Mr. president for ignoring the well being of your people and their quality of life by encouraging millions of third world uneducated unskilled people to invade our beloved country increasing crime, putting enormous pressure on our Education system, healthcare and criminal justice systems, and Please stop insulting us by saying that those people do jobs that Americans won't do, what a lie, you know that most of those jobs will be filled by Americans if it paid a decent wage not the 3 or 4 dollars an hour cash paid under the table, The illegal immigrants actually pushed the American workers and the legal immigrants out of the job market in  certain areas of the country by lowering wages dramatically of course Mexican worker will be happy making 30 dollars a day illegally in the USA compared with 5 dollars a day in Mexico. So Please Mr. president Quit Insulting Our intelligence but repeating this lie over and over again.

Now lets talk about this REWARD you want to give to criminals that broke our Immigration laws, ok so giving them path to citizenship and putting them in the back of the line makes it ok? NO,  for people like me as a legal immigrant and a US citizen now it is NOT ok, the line for immigration is not inside the country while you are working and enjoying all the benefits , the line Mr. president starts outside the country and If what you say it true about being at the end of the line then I think it should take at least 12 to14 years for them to get their green card since there are people in certain countries that are in line already legally  and applied over 12 years ago and still waiting for their green card, it Will not be fair to them .

I wish I can understand the real reason behind your relentless pursuit to get as many illegal foreigners especially Mexicans into this country and rewarding them with the best citizenship on earth the United states of America Citizenship, what is behind it one thing for sure is big business money, big business that wants more and more slave labor to do work for a fraction of the pay that an American citizen or legal immigrant makes, so it is greed, and another sure thing is the republican party trying to pander to Hispanics for votes but I have news for you Mr. Bush, Illegal Hispanics don't like you or your party anyways no matter what you do or your party does they will never vote for you ok! Also many of the legal Hispanics do not like illegal immigrations so you are turning them away, GOOD job or if I may say Brilliant job Mr. president, keep pandering to illegals  and selling off your countrymen no wonder your approval rate is one of the worse in history, you turned your back on your base the real conservatives that elected you to office so you deserve the 32% approval rate. Remember you work for us all Americans the one's born here and the one's that came here legally  by waiting in the long lines to become citizens , we are white, black, Latino, Philippinos Indians and even Egyptians, we all share one great thing, we are all Americans and you better listen to us or come November you and the Republicans will loose everything, can you afford that?